Moving Mountains

Alone, Moses ascended into the mountain and communed with God (Exodus 24:2).
When Jesus Christ was preparing to instruct the multitudes, He went up into
the mountain alone (Matthew 5:1). When Jesus Christ desired to commune with
His Heavenly Father, He again went up into the mountain alone (Matthew 14:23).
When God’s people have went to the mountain to seek Him, it has been alone.
In attempting to demonstrate the power of faith, Jesus Christ utilized the
following example:
“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this
mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be
impossible unto you” (Matthew 17:20).
What amazing faith that would enable one to stand at the foot of a mountain,
that has stood since the beginning of time, and say, “Move over there”, with
the assurance that it would not only hear your voice, but also move to where
you directed.
Faith. It isn’t based on the number of friends you have, it isn’t based on
your status in the world, and it isn’t based on your potential. It is not
coincidental that Jesus Christ referenced a single mustard seed, rather than a
handful of seeds. Faith comes from a one-to-one relationship with God.
Faith is not only believing that the mountain will move, but it is also believing
that God will bring the mountain to you.

Climbing a mountain. I arrive at the base of the mountain. I look towards
the summit. Do I have faith that the climb will be easy? No, the climb will
be steep. Do I have faith that the hike will be without pain? No, the hike
will test my strength and my body will feel pain. Do I have faith that the
climb will be quick? No, the climb will take time. Do I have faith that I will
not feel loneliness? No, as I move through the woods, I will be alone. Do I
have faith that I will make it to the summit? Yes, it is what I desire.

I shoulder my pack, I plant my staff into the ground, and I say a prayer of
thanks. I look towards the summit of the mountain and I drive the toe of my
boot into the side of the mountain. I tense my leg and then step up, driving
the toe of my other boot into the side of the mountain. Step by step, I move up
the side of the mountain.
When my breathing becomes rapid, I turn, dig my heels in, and look below. I
see the creek below, with the highway attempting to follow the bends of the
creek. I see vehicles traveling on the highway, with their occupants failing to
see the summit; only the road in front of them. I see the distance I’ve
traveled. I see the mountains on the other side. I contemplate the creation of
the mountain. I then turn, and look towards the summit of the mountain.
Again, I start my ascent. I reach the meadow. It is winter and the fallen
logs jut out of the snow, as fallen warriors left on a battlefield. The hawk
circles over head, its shadow silently sweeping across the snow. A bull elk
emerges from the trees and snorts; the frozen silence of the meadow is
broken. Following the tracks of the wolf, I move across the deep snow without
sinking. I move onwards, ever closer to the summit.

Alone, I reach the summit and locate the boulder that has been my chair on
past trips; it is an old friend. The sun breaks through the clouds and sends
beams of light onto the snow that are reflected, creating a myriad of rainbows
that dance across the snow. I look down upon the valley and contemplate the
distance I traveled to reach this summit. I contemplate the greatness of my
God, I contemplate the love of my God, and I contemplate the goodness of my
God. If my mouth could not form the words to praise my God, then certainly the
mountain would roar the proclamation of God’s faithfulness to His people
(Luke 19:40).
Do I have faith that this life will be without sorrow? No, as I travel
through this life, there will be sorrow, as well as joy. Do I have faith that the
climb to Heaven will be easy? No, the climb will be steep and the path will
be narrow, but there will be friends who will share portions of the journey.
Do I have faith that I will reach the goal? Yes, it is my faith in God that
gives me the power to overcome. I consider the love of God for me and….
…….The mountain moves me.


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