U.S. Senate Supports Right of Terrorists?

Wouldn’t you go absolutely ballistic if you read the following headlines?
Yet these headlines describe what the U.S. Senate did just days ago! The GOP-controlled Senate added an amendment to the $440-billion military spending bill that would extend to spies, terrorists, and Islamic jihadists the same rights U.S. citizens enjoy under the Constitution.
In other words, our military interrogators can no longer question suspected suicide bombers and murderers of women and children without the ACLU looking over their shoulder — ready to haul some poor enlisted man into court just because he yelled at a terrorist or hurt a terrorist’s feelings.
If the Senate had done such a despicable thing during World War II, the American people would have stormed the Capitol, tarred and feathered all who voted for such treachery, and ridden them out of town on a rail.
This evil, suicidal bill — if implemented — would expose Americans to the greatest danger in the history of our nation: The planting of explosives on our subways. Suicide bombers killing American women and children. Airline hijackings. Assassinations.
Do you realize that not a single terrorist attack has occurred on American soil since 9/11 — despite the dark, dire predictions of the political know-it-alls. You know why? Because our worldwide intelligence operation has discovered and exposed plot after plot to kill Americans, both abroad and at home. You may be alive today because some interrogator wasn’t too fastidious about how he got his information from some proud, smirking jihadist.
The McCain Amendment — SA 1977 — Says The Following…
“No individual in the custody or under the physical control of the United States Government, regardless of nationality or physical location, shall be subject to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.”
No cruel or inhuman treatment… that sounds reasonable… or does it?
But the phrase “degrading treatment” — which could have been invented by Amnesty International — is so vague and full of holes you could drive a Hummer through it. Solitary confinement, harsh language, ridicule, mild threats, good-cop-bad-cop — the Senate wants to outlaw all of these standard questioning techniques and restrict interrogators to the etiquette of a ladies’ lawn party.
These terrorists are butchering women and children all over the globe — as well as launching sneak attacks on our troops — and we’re supposed to walk on egg shells when we try to find out which Americans they intend to kill next?
Exactly what are our troops supposed to do when questioning these terrorist thugs in an attempt to save American lives? “Pretty please Mr. terrorist… I beg you…could you please tell us the details of your NEXT attack on innocent Americans?”
That’s about the size of it folks. After all, we will now have to be extra careful not to do ANYTHING THAT WOULD DEGRADE OR INSULT THESE KILLERS!
The U.S. Senate hasn’t gotten the message: We’re at war with fanatics who hate Americans. These jihadists are willing to die for their faith, and we aren’t even willing to be ill-mannered to protect our freedom.
Here Are Some Terrorist Attacks That American Intelligence Units
Have Discovered And Thwarted.
In mid-2002, U.S. agents uncovered a plot to hit targets on the East Coast. The plotters intended to use hijacked airplanes. By the way, one of the plotters of this caper was also involved in planning 9/11.
In May of 2002, the U.S. busted a plot to bomb U.S. apartment buildings. Jose Padilla, one of the plotters, even pushed for exploding a “dirty bomb” inside the U.S. A dirty bomb is filled with conventional explosives and radioactive materials.
In addition to these plots to attack us on our home soil, the U.S. helped to uncover and thwart a number of major plots throughout the world. For example:
A 2003 plot to attack London’s Heathrow Airport, using hijacked airliners.

At least two plots in 2004 to blow up targets in Britain — strategies designed specifically to kill civilians.
At least two plots to attack ships in the Arabian Gulf and the Straits of Hormuz.
No one knows how many hundreds, if not thousands, of lives have been saved by the interrogation methods used by U.S. intelligence units, military and otherwise. Do you want them to stop what they’re doing and take lessons on prison manners from a bunch of POLITICIANS?
What Do We Really Mean By Degrading Treatment?
Underlying this vile and contemptible amendment is the same assumption that the Supreme Court used in recent cases: the looming supremacy of international law…
Let’s look at this ghastly amendment one more time…
(a) In General.–No individual in the custody or under the physical control of the United States Government, regardless of nationality or physical location, shall be subject to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.
(b) Construction.–Nothing in this section shall be construed to impose any geographical limitation on the applicability of the prohibition against cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment under this section.
(c) Limitation on Supersedure.–The provisions of this section shall not be superseded, except by a provision of law enacted after the date of the enactment of this Act which specifically repeals, modifies, or supersedes the provisions of this section.
(d) Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Defined.–In this section, the term “cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment” means the cruel, unusual, and inhumane treatment or punishment prohibited by the Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, as defined in the United States Reservations, Declarations and Understandings to the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Forms of Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment done at New York, December 10, 1984.
The words “cruel [and] unusual” are taken right out of the 8th Amendment — “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted” — thereby conferring on a bunch of terrorists the CONSTITUTIONAL rights of U.S. citizenship.
But “degrading treatment” is a phrase lifted from a document drafted by the United Nations.
Henceforth international terrorists throughout the world have all the rights of accused criminals in the United States. And an additional right — freedom from “degrading treatment” — which comes from the U.N., an organization also known as “Hate America International.”
We can’t tolerate this surrender to Kofi Annan’s gang, a cowardly act designed to undercut the self-preservation of Americans under international attack.
Let’s Clear Up A Few Things Right Now
We don’t torture prisoners. We don’t blindfold them, threaten them with execution, and televise their pathetic pleas for life.
We don’t condone cruel and unusual punishments. For example, we don’t lop off prisoners’ heads in front of TV cameras.
With few exceptions, we treat prisoners as humanely as any enemy has ever treated its enemies. Ask the handful of U.S. troops who survived captivity how the terrorists treated them.
Period. End of discussion.
Our Senators voted for this amendment purely out of cowardice. McCain’s amendment is a nasty, politically motivated slur on the integrity of our armed forces, and a gross insult to the American people.
What the Senate did last week must be undone this week.
Use the link below to send your 64 urgent Blast Fax messages to EACH of the 55 Republican Members of the United States Senate. Thank Senators Allard, Bond, Coburn, Cochran, Cornyn, Inhofe, Roberts, Sessions and Stevens for voting against this abomination and having the political courage to put the lives of innocent Americans above the interests of third world terrorists, thugs and dictators.
Tell the remaining 46 Republican Senators you are appalled and ashamed of what they’ve done to our intelligence units in the field. Tell them they owe the American people an immediate apology for passing this cowardly and dangerous legislation.
At the same time, send this urgent Blast Fax message to President Bush. Since he has already threatened to VETO this legislation, DEMAND that he do so. And at the same time, send this urgent Blast Fax message to the Republican leaders of the House of Representatives. Tell them they must strip this vile amendment in conference if they ever hope to regain the support of the American people.

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