Most Wondrous Cross



Oh healing hands and tear-washed feet
Now crushed with every blow.
I can I love Thee near enough?
What debt of love I owe!
How Christ for sinful man did bleed,
Through Him, our debt of sin relieved.
There He reigned, great act sublime.
No greater deed of love t’was Thine!
Great king on high, came down to man
That we would lift Him up.
Loyal to the Father’s will
He took death’s bitter cup.
Is death where life came forth to be?
Who at the cross gained liberty?
There some cast lots for garments gained
While others found life’s gate…blood stained.
The utmost price paid on the cross
Redemption found, damnation lost.
For those by faith who trust in Thee,
A new life lives, reborn and free.
Lord of heaven, Lord of earth,
Granter of the second birth
Beckon all unto the cross
Where you died reaching for the lost.
God all sovereign, Most High King,
With heaven’s host of angels sing:
He lives! He lives! Christ conquered sin!
One Easter morn, He rose again.
John 12:32 “But I, when I am lifted up from the earth,
will draw all men to myself.” NIV


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