MomTime Get-A-Way

“A MomTime Get-A-Way is an overnight slumber party for moms. Food, Faith, Fellowship and Fun are the four main ingredients and the goal is to refresh, pamper and inspire the woman in “Mommy”. The source, of course, is the joy of the Lord.
The FUN begins Friday evening with a “MomTime Celebration”, two hours of nonstop laughter. We will play “icebreaker” games, give away door prizes, free-throw miniature Snickers into the crowd and, overall, act like little girls again.
As the laughter dies down and our sides are aching I will share a couple of stories from my life. Then I will send you back to your rooms to change into your pajamas and slippers to join me again in the ballroom for a FELLOWSHIP filled “Pajama Party.” This is the highlight of the conference for me as we sit around in our PJs, gabbing as only a gaggle of girls can until midnight.
We’ve been up late the night before so let’s leisurely begin Saturday morning with FOOD delivered to your door. How about a delicious “Breakfast-in-Bed” of coffee and pastries?
We’ll then meet together at 8 o’clock for “A Conversation with Lisa”. This is your chance to ask me any question you’ve ever wondered. We can talk about anything you want, from parenting to homeschooling, to “The Facts of Life” to George Clooney! There’s not a question you can ask that I can’t find an opportunity to share my FAITH with you.
After a short break we’ll gather again and talk about “Creative Correction.” No tape recorders allowed at this session because I plan to talk openly about my own failures and frustrations as a mother.
Immediately following, I’ll host an “Autograph Party. I’ll set up shop near the exhibits and make myself available to sign pictures, sell you a book or pose for your camera. (Of course, I’ll only smile for the shot if you buy a book.)
It is now time to pack your bags, your cars and check out of your rooms. But the fun is still not over. It’s time for “High Tea and Testimony.” With your registration packet you will be given a MomTime journal. I will encourage you to jot down the “sweet everythings” the Lord will inevitably whisper into your ear throughout our time together.
You know, Jesus loves a good time and He can’t wait to join you at this getaway. The Bible says that wherever two or more are gathered in His name, He is right there in the middle. Well, I’ll be there, hopefully you’ll come, and why don’t you invite a friend – that sounds like two or more to me.
I believe the Lord will give you something to take home that goes beyond the refreshing that comes from laughter and love. And when He does, I want you to write it down in your journal. Not only so that you will never forget it, but also, so that you can share it with all of us over tea and scones. Who knows, we may even have to break into a chorus of “Kumbayah” over the finger sandwiches.
It is my prayer that if you come to the getaway carrying worries, stress, frustrations or depression, that you will go home carrying prizes, goodies, peace that passes understanding and a special word from your Heavenly Father who loves you so very much and enjoys seeing you laugh.”
Can you come? It is going to be sooooo much fun. If you don’t live close enough to drive in, you might want to check out some of the low fares on Southwest. They usually fly into Nashville for a reasonable fare. Because we want to see as many ladies as possible be able to Get-A-Way, we are offering the whole kit and caboodle for under a hundred dollars – hotel, food, and all. I would dearly love to get to meet some of my website friends! If it sounds interesting and you would like to find out more information then simply click on the link:
Upcoming Appearances

August 22 – Midland, TX
August 23 – Ulysses, KS
August 24 – Great Bend, KS
September 7 – Dothan, GA
September 8 – Jennings, LA
September 9 – Woodstock, GA
September 10 – Atlanta, GA
September 14 – Fresno, CA
September 21 – Birmingham, AL
September 22 & 24 – Portland, OR
September 27 – Hampton, VA
September 28 – Fairmont, WV


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