Mini Interview with Chris Rice

Sherry Siebert interviewed Chris Rice during GMA Week.
The thing that continues to intrigue Chris about Jesus’ life is that “he hung out and was mostly associated with sinners,
spending time with the unaccepted.”  The thing that Chris most admired about Jesus’ death was His honesty, in the garden
praying to the Father… Chris says he loved the fact “Jesus was human in his humanness…he was real.”
Chris loves to tour.  He just loves communicating with people.  
He really enjoys going on the road with the people he chooses to tour with. He sometimes has some of his family with him
as well and admits, “It’s fun being on a bus together.”
The thing Chris dislikes about touring is “the mechanical things such as making the guitars are tuned and trying to fix cords, etc.”
Chris favorite song to sing is “Life means So Much” He says, “It’s a great thought to end on.   It’s valueable.”  Chris sings it
each night and everytime he sings it, he claims, “It’s like singing it for the first time.”


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