Mela Video Project

As we approach the new millennium, the challenge of great commission is
becoming stronger and it’s really time to take action in the spiritual
realms and take a stand and declare Jesus is the sovereign ruler of this
In India the opening of the new millennium is starting with a strategic
enemy plan. The Maha Kumbh Mela is all set to begin on January 9 2001. The
Kumbh Mela is a festival that occurs every 12 years in Allahabad (Prayag),
where 45 million people converge to bathe in the sacred waters of the
Ganges, where all sins are believed to be purified. It is the largest
gathering of humanity on Earth. It is also the greatest and holiest of all
Hindu festivals, but it happens only once every twelve years.
Predictably, the Maha Kumbh Mela is founded in myth. It is believed that
long ago the gods and demons fought a great battle over a pitcher, or kumbh.
This pitcher contained the nectar of immortality and came from the bottom of
the ocean. As you can guess, the gods eventually defeated the demons and got
the chance to drink the nectar. Four drops of the nectar fell to earth
during the battle and landed where the cities of Allahabad, Hardiwar, Nasik,
and Ujjain are located today.

The purpose of the event is for people to bathe in the sacred Ganga, or
Ganges, River. Allahabad is where the muddy Ganga and fast-moving Yumana
Rivers come together, and this meeting point, or “triveni sangram,” is
believed to have great soul-cleansing powers. In fact, the triveni sangram
is considered to be the place where the devout can cross between the
material world and Nirvana.
This event is going to be a big media project. It is an expedition of film
makers, Photographers, writers, researchers, webmasters, sound designers and
composers who will travel to Allahabad, India to experience and document the
largest gathering of humanity on earth.
Friends, think about this 45 million people will be openly declaring the
Lordship of satan and openly coming into the bondage of satan. These people
do not know the truth that the blood of Jesus washes their sins. They are
completely blinded by the devil. Church, it’s time to take action.
Our Focus at “Forerunner Global Outreach” is to make this event known to the
Christian world. We have plans to make a small video documentary out of this
event. This video film will give you in depth knowledge of this event. You
can see with your own eyes how this innocent people rush to take a dip in
the waters. You can watch the Sadhus with Cobras hanging around their necks.
This documentary will be full of visuals; interviews shot on location and
many more eye opening stuff. You can know and understand how satan had been
fooling people with its concocted stories. But, above all you will be urged
to pray and intercede for these people.
To make this documentary happen we need 2 lakh rupees (Nearly 5000 US
Dollars). This money will be used for the production expenses such as Hiring
of the equipment, Editing, graphics and travel for the production team from
Hyderabad to Allahabad. It is very risky to do any sort of evangelism there,
but we will have some sort of outreach.
Forerunner Global Outreach is a charitable mission organistaion situated in
Hyderabad, India. We are involved in active preaching, Television
Evangelism, creative arts and Humanitarian work.
If you have any questions about this, please send email to Alex Ganta

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