January 1stNashville News

Twila Paris is expecting her first child in April of 2001.

Jamie Slocum recently shared the bill with Tammy Trent, the Katinas, and Michael English, singing to raise funds to help Grace Ministries build a drug rehabilitation center in Nashville. Later, Jamie’s services were auctioned off at a concert for The KidS.A.K.E. Foundation, a group for children with diabetes, chronic illness, and other needs. Jamie returns to Mingus Mountain in December, a place for women with eating disorders in Arizona.

The Katinas are back in the studio recording their follow up album to their highly acclaimed debut. Look for a late April 2001 release and expect a new sound. These new songs are touted to be unlike anything you have heard from the brothers to date. A spanish version of the album will be released around the same time.

Ceili Rain’s new album called Erasers on Pencils hit stores on November 21st and will be distributed by Provident Music.

Jars of Clay
in CNN interview

Multi-platinum selling Grammy and Dove Award winning band Jars of Clay recently met with 1992 and 1996 Reformed Party presidential nominee Ross Perot, when they found themselves in the same room at the same time.

The Carman tour couldn’t be going better for ZOEgirl: full arenas every night, tons of CD sales a night, and even embarrassing moments. Here’s a little story from the tour as told by the girls: “The tour has been incredible. It blows us away every night to be up there ministering to so many people at the same time. We are getting a great response from the crowd and the alter calls have been flooded every night. We’ve really been having a great time. We’ve much improved since our last tour. We no longer drop our battery packs in the toilet, lock our microphones in the bathroom, or forget our hometown when interviewed, but we have had a few funny moments so far in this tour. We had one major disaster night……so far. We’re calling it the “Blooper Night.” It started off great until Kristin’s monitors became unplugged. She was right in the middle of setting up the next song while Alisa was frantically trying to plug her back in. We recovered nicely and Alisa went on to set up “One Reason” beautifully. About 30 seconds into the song, the track decided to stop playing, leaving us freestyling in the spotlight. After recovering from THAT, Alisa and Chrissy turned around and ran right into the curtain that hangs on the stage for a beautiful ending to the night. It was definitely not one of our better nights, but God saw us through as always. We’re looking forward to the rest of the tour. We know there will be many more bloopers to laugh about in the future. For now (praise God) that’s all we’ve got. Love, Alisa, Kristin and Chrissy, ZOEgirl.

Ardent groups All Together Separate and Satellite Soul recently entertained industry guests including Dana Key and other luminaries at DaVinci’s Pizza on Hayes Street in Nashville. The bands were in town promoting Ardent Worship CD’s, Ardent Worship: All Together Separate Live and Ardent Worship: Satellite Soul Live. All Together Separate and Satellite Soul performed live songs from the Ardent Worship projects.

Gospel singer Cecil Blackwood died of cancer in November. He was 66. The Blackwood Brothers won nine Grammys and 20 Dove Awards for gospel music. They were a favorite of Elvis Presley, who briefly sang with Cecil Blackwood in the Songfellows.


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