Meet Steve Fry, Senior Pastor of Belmont Church

International conference speaker, recording artist, and author of I Am: The Unveiling of God and Rekindled Flame, Steve Fry entered ministry as a youth pastor not far from his hometown in L.A. Under his direction, what started as a handful of young people at Calvary Community Church soon grew into a throng of 700 members.
“Worship was a big part of what we did,” Steve says. He had learned early that people, whether they’re 18 or 88, are attracted by the presence of God, and worship is the key that allows truth in the mind to seep deep in the heart. With one of the largest youth groups on the West Coast, Steve established a flagship outreach and evangelism focus on a platform of music. Launching rock bands, touring musicals, and producing rock operas, Steve married worship and scriptural teaching through the cohesiveness of the arts. A missions network soon evolved, mobilizing more than 10,000 youth into short-term mission projects worldwide.
In the years to follow, Steve co-founded Messenger Fellowship, a network of pastors, missionaries and worship leaders throughout the world committed to serving together to produce and sustain caring Christian communities, relevant Christian expression, and to reflect the present and active lordship of Jesus Christ. Steve continues today to reside as President of Messenger.
Involved in creative communications of all forms-music, book writing, musicals, producing, video teaching, Steve Fry’s life work aspires to awaken in people a passion for God and to summon His church to the centrality of Christ. He comes to the role of Senior Pastor at Belmont Church with a vision to raise up a body from which ministry teams, fine arts teams, the printing of periodicals, newsletters, videos and communication in all its forms will voice an age-old clarion call to a postmodern world.
Steve, with his wife, Nancy, and their three children, live in Brentwood.
Belmont Church
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