Mayberry Square



Mayberry Square announces some great new photo opportunities for visitors. When you enter the doors you will see an old barber chair, as well as an old spinning wheel in front of a fireplace along with an assortment of musical instruments. As you stroll down the streets in “Mayberry Square” you will be walking on the membership squares that have been sold to people all over the USA.
As you take the tour of Mayberry, you will come upon Wally’s Service with an old Model A parked in the bay and a lot of old service station antiques to enjoy. As you stroll on, you will notice Foley’s Market on the right with all the old “general store” image. Next to it you will notice Emmett’s Fix-it shop with all the work that he has in store for him. Continuing your stroll, you will come upon Floyd’s
Barber shop with the black & white tile look floor with the barber chairs set ready for a hair cut. And of course, right next door is the famous “Snappy Lunch”.
Strolling on, you might want to take a tour of the “Mayberry Court House” with the office set up ready for business and, of course, the jail cell cots are made ready to roll into with the nice comfortable quilts. Last but not least, don’t forget to stop by Aunt Bee’s house to sit on the couch in front of the TV or maybe on the front porch. Each shop offers colorful opportunities to have your picture made in a Mayberry setting.
(From our archives: first printed 2/4/03)


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