Local Writer Pens 9/11 Tributes

Shortly after 9/11, Nashville singer/songwriter and performer Jennifer Prince had the opportunity to try on a friend’s new gas mask. Standing outside his car she looked at her reflection wearing the mask in his car window. “Also reflected in the window was an American flag flying behind me at a nearby store,” Jennifer says. “The contrast was overwhelming, and I said to myself, ‘This is America? This is America?’ The image of me wearing a gas mask with the American flag flying
behind me, and the feeling I had at that moment, will never leave me.”

A few days later, the President gave his Address to a Joint Session of Congress and the American
People. Jennifer states, “I was very taken with the speech and took notes on key phrases.” Borrowing from the President’s speech as well as her own experience, the result is a positive and patriotic anthem, “This is America.”

In addition to “This is America” Jennifer has also written two other patriotic post 9/11 songs: “Freedom Is not Free” and “Our Heroes Are the Commom Man.” On August 25 Jennifer performed “This is America” and “Freedom Is not Free” at opening ceremonies at the National Convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars at Opryland Hotel in Nashville. “I am honored to perform these songs before this patriotic group.”

Jennifer is also scheduled to
perform all three songs at various 9/11 observances and will soon be
recording the three songs for a CD. A video of “This is America” recorded live at Woodmont Baptist Church in Nashville, is available. For more information, call (615) 297-4552.


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