Live Dove Telecast Viewing Review

The Dove awards . . what a great experience. When I found out that the tickets were for the “Viewing Party” and not actually at the Doves, I must admit . .I was a little disappointed. Well, God has the power to make things interesting.
What I wasn’t expecting was to be sitting next to the parent and family of Pillar when they won their first Dove. A mother’s joyful tear for her child praising God . . that’s a feeling you only understand when you’re a parent. Nor did I expect to meet so many people at Labels who had worked on the projects that were winning awards. I also met a few new Artists who were on the verge of making it in the Christian music industry. And, I got to experience energy and excitement that could not have been rivaled at the actual event. It was a great time!
There were a few things that could have been better. We did not have an audio feed for about the first 1/2 hour of the pre-show. We missed the performance of Pillar . . remember, I was sitting next to the band’s family. This seemed like a basic lack of preparation on the Opryland Hotel staff.
There was also no refreshments including no water fountain nearby. Attendants had to go out into the Opryland Hotel to acquire snacks and drinks.
If you were there for both shows, it was a 6 hour event. That was a little suprising. The seating was also in rows. If they would want make this event better, they could have set the room up in more of a party room atmosphere. . maybe round tables with chairs like you would find at a wedding reception. People at the viewing party were more interested in socializing than sitting in a chair for 6 hours. I think it could help the event grow. Also, I don’t think it was advertised very well. The room at the Opryland was huge and they had 5 times the number of seats required.
In retrospect, I must so that I was blessed by the opportunity. I am a musician who works hard to praise God in all I do. It’s nice to share in those moments when other’s are recognized for their hard work. Eventhough this was a big event, the Artists were incredibly humble and remembered that this recognition was a gift and that the important thing was praising Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

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