Letter from Ginny Owens

My name is Ginny Owens, and I’ve been a touring singer/songwriter for over half a decade now. This past April brought the release of my thir share my music in concert.  Now, as I’m feeling a bit like a touring veteran, I’ve decided to use my spring to pursue some different long-time dreams.  d studio project Beautiful, and with the help of Third Coast and of many of you, this year has granted me over 150 opportunities toAlthough these dreams still involve music, they involve more unconventional approaches to it than my regular concerts have.  Let me explain.
Some of you might know that I have a teaching license, and that I intended to use it to inspire students to love music–until Rocketown Records gave me the opportunity to create and share my own songs.  However, the time has come to put my teaching skills to good use again!  Ever since I began writing songs professionally, one of my biggest dreams has been to one day create songwriting seminars, which would primarily be for college students.  That day has finally come.  I’ve created a Master Class to facilitate discussions about the basic principles of songwriting and to provide feedback to students about their own musical creations.  This seminar will involve my answering common questions about writing music and speaking about my own personal songwriting journey, as well as allowing students to share their own material with me and with their peers.  Some of the topics that will be discussed include how to write a song, how to make it commercially viable, and how to get songs published.  Because I truly love both songwriting and encouraging students, I am very excited about the opportunity to combine the two.  Of course, the seminar will be followed up by an evening concert where students will be welcomed to evaluate whether or not I know what I’m talking about.
Another big goal for the next six months is to have more involvement and interaction with college students instead of simply playing music to them.  Therefore, I am looking forward to opportunities to share at college chapel services before providing an evening concert. Sometimes sharing might mean singing some of my own songs; sometimes it might be an opportunity for me to lead worship; perhaps it will be a time to do both.  Being a part of college chapel services has always been one of my favorite things to do, so I’m looking forward to more of it in the spring.
The last opportunity I’m looking forward to taking full advantage of during the coming months involves my work with churches.  Instead of coming only for an evening concert, I’d like to be able to spend the entire Sunday assisting with worship either by offering several of my own songs during services or by leading worship.  I would then follow up that evening with a concert event.
Since we rarely have seasons where we aren’t in a different city each day, I’m grateful for the chance to take more time with each event we do.  I look forward to partnering with some of you in these college or church events.
Thanks so much for your attention.  Have an awesome holiday season, and may God bless each of you.

Very sincerely,
Ginny O


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