Letter to the Editor: Kirk Cameron

Dear Kathryn,
I just wanted to thank you for the all of the information I just read about Kirk Cameron on the forum. I am a 26 year old, happily
married Christian with three young children. I grew up as “Kirk Cameron’s #1 fan.” I had every picture and article with Kirk in it. I
memorized all of his personal info and prayed every night that God would let me meet him. (I entered hundreds of contests that
promised the winner to meet their favorite star.)…
Anyway, I was completely shocked one day as I was walking a
Christian Bookstore. I saw a poster advertising the movie, “Left Behind,” starring Kirk Cameron! I literally began to get teary eyed, because he was the star of a Christian movie, and I had never read anything in the past about him being a Christian. Of
course it had been years, but I vividly remembered my fondness for him. I thanked the Lord and I still am rejoicing! I remembered
being so disappointed in him when I saw him in a movie where he used strong cuss words…
Anyway, I found your website, and was so glad to read about his testimony! Thank you for the information!


Melissa Barkley


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