Letter from Iraq: 1/15/6

Hello! am still alive and kickin’, although the internet here is even sketchier than it was at Al Kisik. Due to security concerns I won’t divulge too much about this new place in this format. This place is a bit livlier than the last, although the people who actually live here by and large want … Read more

Mayberry Days Report Response

I want to personally thank you for the wonderful if not professional recap you sent in on your trip. To read it was almost as good as being there. I have never been fortunate enough to get to attend one of these great reunions but have kept up with them through the years. Thank you … Read more

Max Hsu, Ian Eskelin, and that Other Guy

Letters to the Editor March 26, 2002I read an article about Superchic(k)…You know…With Max Hsu…and “his” former band Zero…You know…With Ian Eskelin…and i think there was this one Other Guy…Hmmm? Oh well… can’t remember…… THAT is why i got out of the “Christian” INDUSTRY…With such a small “market”… there’s not enough to share……so they climb … Read more


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