John Fischer’s Signature Song Inspires Fifteenth Book

Award-winning, best-selling author John Fischer releases his fifteenth book, Love Him in the Morning, an inspirational offering from Revell June 4.
When a twenty-something John Fischer penned, “Love Him In The Morning,” also known as the “All Day Song,” he reached a new generation searching for inner solutions to world problems. Little did he know that song would become a favorite at church camps, in youth groups and in church hymnals today.
As he did writing the song, “Love Him In The Morning,” thirty years ago, John Fischer has again crafted a powerful and profound message designed to motivate generations to seek God. The book, a lifetime in the making, reflects on God’s faithfulness through his famous lyrics:
Love Him in the morning when you see the sun arising;
Love Him in the evening ‘cause He took you through the day.
And in the in-between time when you feel the pressure coming,
Remember that He loves you and He promises to stay.
In the book, Fischer shows how a relationship with God can be as simple as: Love and be loved. With intimate, conversational and provocative narrative, readers will experience the wonder of God in the morning when all is fresh and new, the yearning for God at night when grace and forgiveness is needed and the presence of God in the in-between time.
“When it comes to religion, we have a tendency to be much too complicated,” says Fischer in Love Him in the Morning. “And I think I finally understand why. We complicate faith because we want to be in control. Keep it just complicated enough so that I feel like I’m accomplishing something with all my religiosity. Keep it complicated so that I think I can do something to earn God’s approval. That’s religion. Faith, just believing God for who he is and what he says, seems too easy sometimes. But that’s his call.”
In addition to being an author and musician, John Fischer is a communicator and popular host for a variety of audiences. Driven to create and personally deliver a message of deeper understanding of God, confirming those seeking a faith that intersects the real world, he wrote the best-selling Real Christians Don’t Dance, the critically acclaimed Saint Ben and the powerful novel Dark Horse. He has recorded twelve albums, has had a nationally syndicated weekday radio feature and writes for Chuck Colson’s BreakPoint Online, Walk Through the Bible’s devotional magazine InDeed and new generation Relevant magazine from Strang Communications. John also served as a columnist for twenty-plus years with CCM, with additional articles appearing in numerous Christian periodicals including Discipleship Journal, Decision and Moody.
John and his wife, Marti, are raising a toddler son in Laguna Beach, CA, and have two adult children. More information on John Fischer and Love Him in the Morning can be found at, (Revell’s new website is scheduled to launch this month).


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