Jesus Wept

There was one group in attendance that day at the Cross whose role was critical. They didn’t speak much, but they were there. Few noticed them, but that’s not surprising. Their very nature was so silent they are often overlooked. In fact, the gospel writers scarely gave them a reference. But we know they were there, they had to be, and they had a job to do.
This representation did more than witness the divine drama; they expressed and captured it. They displayed the despair of Peter; they betrayed the guilt of Pilate and unveiled the anguish of Judas. They transmitted John’s confusion and translated Mary’s compassion.
Their prime role, however, was with that of the Messiah. With utter delicacy and tenderness, they offered relief to his pain and expression to his yearning.
Those described are TEARS…
…They are miniature messengers, on call twenty-four hours a day. They drip, drop and pour from the corner of our souls, carrying with them our deepest emotions. They tumble down our faces with announcements that range from blissful joy to the dark despair.
Tiny drops of humanity. Round, wet balls of fluid that tumble from our eyes, creep down our cheeks and splash on the floor of our hearts. They were there that day at the Cross. They should be, that’s their job.
The principle is simple; when words are most empty, tears are most apt.
Lord, many of us are not good at showing our feelings – help us to have true compassion, one for another. It’s not just tears that are the issue; it’s what they represent. They symbolize the heart, spirit, and the soul. Jesus paid the ultimate price on the Cross. Help us to pause and know just how much you loved us while we were still sinners. Help us never to be so proud, selfish, educated, grown-up or religious that we can’t see your passion without tears. Amen.


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