Getting to Know the Attributes of God

One wonders why imagination is so little esteemed among evangelicals. Our
sense of desperation may keep some of the world from going to hell, but our
lack of interest in the arts has certainly made going to heaven less
interesting. — Calvin Miller, Into the Depths of God
Which is the proper question: What is God? Or, Who is God?
We define things, but we can only describe persons. Can we define God? Or,
are we limited to describing God? How can we know anything about God?
The Bible reveals that God is not a fog, a force, or fate but that God has a
face, in the sense that God is a person. God is not a “what,” God is a “who.”
The infinite God, the Creator of the universe, is personal, and He has
revealed Himself through the written word of the scriptures and the life of
Jesus Christ.
We can get to know God by focusing on His attributes: The Creativity of God, The Personality of God, The Wisdom of
God, The Faithfulness of God, The Grace of God, The Mercy of God, and The
Love of God.
If the only wonder you’ve experienced lately is wondering what happened to
your spiritual life, come join us as we draw near to the throne of God.
He’s really good at renewing and refreshing those of us who go through
periods of doubt, inconsistency, failure and frustration in our spiritual
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