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Jeff Johnson used to work at a corporate job until he decided that he wanted something different, so in 2003 he started Jeff Johnson Ministries. He also made an appearance on the hit show American Idol in 2005.
Glorious Day is Jeff’s third release, (Enter In: EP 2005, Shaken 2003). On this release Jeff uses rousing worship music to drive home the point of God’s love and grace. He also encourages the need for a deeper faith and walk with God.
Jeff says that, “My deepest desire is that these songs would resound the immaculate beauty of our God– exalting Him, and Him alone.”
The release starts off with the driving big guitar lead song, “God Over Us,” a praise and worship song about God’s glory. From there the CD continue on with several more up-tempo songs until track-6 the classic church hymn, “The Old Rugged Cross.”
Jeff performs this song along with fellow artist Shane Barnard. Ironically when I looked over the release’s song list this was probably the one that I was looking forward to hearing the most.
I like to hear how artist interpret classic hymns and what new twist they’ll add to them. Unfortunately this is the only song on the CD that I really didn’t like.
The song has a constant percussion, almost pounding sound that resonates in the background for the entire song that gave it an industrial sound that for me just didn’t work.
Other then that I really enjoyed the CD and the powerful lyrics that are found in the songs.
Glorious Day is a nice collection of 10 songs that feature a mixture of contemporary worship and light rock along with a few touches of a country flavor that are highlighted with some nice arrangements.
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