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I had the opportunity to interview author Kenneth G. Anderson for Christian Activities on August 4, 2006, as he was preparing for the publication of his new book, Mayberry Reflections – The Early Years. Here are some of the interesting things I discovered about Ken.
CA: Where were you born?KA: Evanston, Illinois
CA: What is your birthday?KA: September 5, 1946
CA: Would you share some of your career highlights with our readers?KA: I am a Graduate of University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, with a degree in Elementary Education; also did Graduate Studies at University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. I spent 36 years as an elementary teacher in Wisconsin and was listed in 1994 Who�s Who Among America�s Teachers. I also received An Outstanding Wisconsin Elementary Teacher Award in 1974
CA: I know you are active in your community. What are some of you civic highlights?KA: I am a former board member for Eau Claire County Humane Association and received their Humane Education Award in 1997. I served on Eau Claire County Selective Service System Board for five years. I am a current member of the board for Sacred Heart Hospital Volunteer Partners in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and am a current member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where I have served as a youth mentor for confirmation students. I am also one of the lectors for scripture readings on Sunday mornings. I have done individual volunteer student tutoring at an elementary school in Eau Claire, served on numerous church committees and church councils over the years and currently volunteer about 40 hours a month at Sacred Heart Hospital at the Regional Cancer Center as well as in many other areas of the hospital.
CA: I already know you love Mayberry. Other than Mayberry, what are some of your hobbies and interests?KA: I’m an avid reader of English mysteries. I enjoy driving my 1966 restored Chevrolet convertible in area parades, writing poetry, and model trains. I attend many bible studies, listen to Celtic music, attend plays and concerts and, of course, watch Andy Griffith Show Reruns.
CA: Let’s talk about Mayberry. Tell me a little about your Mayberry interests.KA: I collect various Mayberry collectibles. I have the entire Hawthorn Mayberry Village Collection and many other items. I organized a Mayberry Memories Fan Club in Eau Claire. I also teach the “Back to Mayberry Bible Study,” and when I was teaching, each year I would teach a mini class on Mayberry. Recently I visited the Taylor Home Inn at Clear Lake, Wisconsin, with my wife.
CA: Tell me a little bit more about the Mayberry Bible Study.KA: I first taught the Back to Mayberry Bible Study during an adult Sunday school class five years ago. Our pastor was going to be gone and he asked me if I would teach the class for him. Since then I have used it with confirmation students, adult members of our church, members at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Altoona, Wisconsin, and also at a senior citizen apartment complex in Eau Claire. I will be teaching it again at Bethlehem Lutheran and the senior apartments in September.
CA: Since you are an author, it might be interesting to know about your favorite book and favorite author.KA: I have a favorite series by Emily Brightwell, Mrs. Jeffries series. My favorite author is M.C. Beaton
CA: How long have you been a writer?KA: I started writing about twenty years ago, but then I haven�t done any for quite a while. I have had short stories and articles published in the Lutheran Digest and Family Life Today. I have poetry included in an Anthology of Poems named Earthshine which was published by Poetry Press, and a number of my articles have been published in various newspapers. And of course I have a number of poems in the delightful book, The Mayberry Poem: A Tribute to Mayberry.
CA: What was your inspiration for writing “Mayberry Reflections?”KA: I think it is important for today�s readers to understand that the values that were found in Mayberry are as important today as they were back when Mayberry first aired. I want to give readers some things to reflect upon as they watch the wonderful episodes that show life as it was in Mayberry.
CA: What is your present occupation?KA: I am retired.
CA: What else should we know about Ken Anderson?KA: In my former church at Fall Creek, Wisconsin, of almost thirty years, I often filled in for our pastors when they were gone. Quite often I conducted the entire worship service. I preached the annual Good Friday sermon for over twenty years. I also did lay preaching at another church in Fall Creek when their pastor was gone. I was a member of the church choir for over twenty years. While teaching I was a sports reporter for the Tri-County News from Osseo, Wisconsin, and I covered events for girls� sports in basketball, volleyball, and softball.
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