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On Saturday, September 30, several local authors as well as authors from out-of-state will be the special guests at a book signing at Bellevue Center mall from 1 – 5 in the afternoon.
Authors including Kathryn Darden, Jack Stone, E.D. Thompson and David Politt are among the authors scheduled to appear and to do short readings and sign copies of their books at Authors Corner located on the upper level of the mall next to Dillards. Authors expected to attend include:
1) Dru Smith Fuller – The Amazing Technicolor Dream World of Dru Smith
2) J. O’Caigh – The A Club
3) John Kurtz – My Ministry and the Great Professor
4) Jack Stone – Pastor Jack’s Real Life and Conflicts
5) E.D. Thompson – Nashville Nostalgia, More Nashville Nostalgia, The Nashville Nostalgia Years
6) Kathryn Darden – A Tribute to Mayberry, How to Promote Your Book on a Shoestring Budget
7) David Pollitt – The End Time Series
8) Dick Green – How to Trap a Savage
9) Emily Bruno – Ironwomen Never Rust
10) Kate Rosemary – The Feminization of Job
11) Ashton Lackey – Rare Gold, Disciple’s Curse
12) David Dutton – Internet Empires
13) Rachel McAuley – What’s Wrong With the Girl Next Door?
14) Hugh Nash – Patriot Sons, Patriot Brothers
15) Vicki and Jay Tyler – Friends at School
16) Mary St. Clair – How to Steal a Billion
17) Deborah Khayat – Gathered Blooms
18) Julie Riley – Tennessee Lucky Numbers
19) Robert Puryear III – Border Skirmishes and Adventures
Bellevue Center mall is located at 7620 Highway 70 South at the Bellevue/Newsome Station exit off of I-40.
Refreshments will be catered at the event, and there will be door prizes, giveaways and autographed book sales. The event is free and open to the public.

Kathryn Darden will also be the special guest at Pages Book Store for two book signings during this year’s Mayberry Days festivities in Mt. Airy, North Carolina on September 22 and 23.
On Thursday, October 5, Darden will do a book reading and signing at the Belleve YMCA in Nashville, Tennessee at 11:30 a.m. Call 615-498-9079 for more information.
Darden is the author of several books including The Mayberry Poem: A Tribute to Mayberry, The Anthology of Christian Poetry, the Creative ReSOURCE Directory, the Christian Ministry Directory, How to Promote a Benefit Concert on a Shoestring Budget, and her upcoming book, How to Promote Your Book on a Shoestring Budget, due out this fall.
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Authors can exchange tips about publishing and promoting their own books at the Writers’ Exchange Group.
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