I Will Never Watch “West Wing” Again

With an anti-family agenda on so many television programs such as “Will and Grace,” “Normal, OH,” and so many others, why make such a
drastic statement about a seemingly innocent, well-acted drama?
Last year was their first year on TV. They won nearly every major Emmy award and the positive buzz on this show has been everywhere. My
wife and I didn’t watch it last year because the secular reviews said it was like watching the inner working of the Clinton administration, if he had
morals and scruples. Since we didn’t want any more liberal politics crammed down our throats through the entertainment media, we chose to stay
away. Besides we seldom had time to watch anything, let alone something that may have been questionable.
That reasoning worked last year. This year, some of our closest friends said we were missing out on the best show on television. We were
made to feel like out-of-step bigots if we didn’t watch this “wonderful” show. Jan wanted to see what all the excitement was about, and asked me not to be
critical as we watched it together. It was tough, but I agreed.
For the first forty-five minutes, the only problems that I had with the show were political, not spiritual or moral. I didn’t see or hear anyone
being immoral or glorifying immorality. The language wasn’t offensive by today’s standards. The only area I had a problem with was with minor
non-moral political issues. I was being sucked in; maybe this program was worth my time.
The particular episode we watched was unusual in that there were many side issues but no core issue to focus on. The whole program was like
an out of focus camera. You knew they were going to focus your attention on something, but the hour was nearly over and they still didn’t have a
central issue. The purpose of the program came into focus during the final scene.
As the president was addressing a group of radio talk show hosts, he noticed a female host sitting down while all the others stood. He
admonished her because she called herself Doctor, but her doctorate was in English not counseling. He mocked her for giving out advice under the
pretext that she had her doctorate in counseling. It was quite obvious that while he was using the TV
character’s name, he was referring to morally conservative, pro-family talk show host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger.
He continued to berate her by stating that she said gays were an abomination. She defended herself by saying that that’s what the Bible calls
them. (It doesn’t!) He then took a number of Old Testament “laws” out of context that made her position on gays seem outdated and ridiculous.
When he was done venting against her and the Bible, he turned to his aid and implied that’s how he defeated bigoted opponents.
They were willing to “entertain” us for 45 minutes if they could “preach” for two. The attack on Dr. Laura and morality wasn’t merely an
attack on an “insensitive radio talk show host,” it was an attack on you and me and every other pro-family individual in the world.
The reason I am more upset at this program than others that are openly immoral, such as “Titans” and “Sex In The City,” is that the others
don’t pretend to be something they’re not. Their purpose is to titillate, while “West Wing” promised a bird’s eye view of today’s working White
House. On second thought, maybe they are.
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