How Hungry Are You?

How hungry are you?! Would you like another turkey sandwich, turkey casserole or turkey burrito?! After the Thanksgiving weekend, a more logical question might be, are you ready for anything but turkey today?! Did you fill up on all of your favorites and say yes to calories that you would usually turn down?

But how hungry are you “spiritually”? Have you felt any spiritual hunger pains lately? Are you in the middle of a spiritual feast or famine? Unlike the Thanksgiving feast, the spiritual feast will leave you craving more. You don’t get to the spiritual hunger stage by eating little God snacks. You get there by diving into God…. craving His will, His strength, His ways, His Son and everything He has to offer! Passionately seeking Him with desires that only He can satisfy!

God lays out an elaborate table for all of us to partake in, at any time. We can choose to delve in and get the most out of our one and only life and opportunity to serve Him here on earth, by boldly and passionately seeking and serving Him every day….or we can sit back and continually snack on the Christian life! There is no such thing as being gorged on God, you can never be too full of Him or His Word!
God promises us that He will fill us if we seek after Him! “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled” Matthew 5:6. So, how about you? Do you get a burning in your Spirit when you are asked that question, or do you feel complacent? If you are lacking a spiritual hunger, pray for the Holy Spirit to stir that desire in you, and then be ready to hit the Holy Buffet that God has prepared for you! Don’t wait for adversity to hit before you take full advantage of His unlimited Feast!

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