A 2002 CCM Thanksgiving

What are your favorite artists up to this Thanksgiving?
Here’s how some of the CCM artists spent Thanksgiving in 2002, featuring Michael Tait, tobyMac, Kevin Max, Benjamin Gate, Rebecca St. James, and more of your favorite Christian artists.
Michael Tait and Tait drummer Chad Chapin will be staying in Nashville for Thanksgiving, spending the holiday at the home of Tait’s manager.
Tait bassist Lonnie Chapin will be in Ohio for the holiday, spending time with his girlfriend and her family.
tobyMac and his family will be in Washington DC to spend Thanksgiving with his parents.
Kevin Max is heading home to Grand Rapids, MI to spend time with his family before heading back over to Europe for shows in Germany.
The Benjamin Gate will be spending Thanksgiving together on the West Coast. They are heading out tomorrow for some shows in California and according to lead singer Adrienne Leisching, “we’ll probably be at a Wendy’s for Thanksgiving somewhere in New Mexico or Arizona.” It will be low key because the band is preparing to make the long trek back to South Africa next week to spend December at home.
Rebecca St. James will also be on the road for Thanksgiving this year. She and the rest of the Worship God tour will be giving thanks in the country of Romania.
Artist David Phelps, who will be spending Thanksgiving in Texas, says his favorite Thanksgiving food is sweet potato pie.
Songwriter Kim Patton-Johnston says her favorite Thanksgiving food is pumkin pie (“yum!”). She usually spends Thanksgiving at her dad’s in N.C. Kim says, “I’m famous for chilling that weird red gel-stuff that nobody likes and forgetting to set it out. I remember it’s there after dinner. A sub-conscious thing, perhaps? Then I hate to be wasteful, so I leave it in the fridge for a week or so before throwing it out.”
Author Devon O’Day, author of the just released book, “My Angels Wear Fur” says, “My favorite Thanksgiving food is Sweet potato casserole and sausage/rice dressing. I usually spend Thanksgiving in Nashville…with family…and everyone I find that doesn’t have somewhere to go. Picture this…29 people, forks poised…and I pull the turkey, with juice and gravy out of the oven. The aluminum ‘turkey’ roasting pan bent right in the middle, and 5 gallons of greasy juice run all over the kitchen floor. Do you KNOW how much ‘Dawn’ it takes to cut that much greasy buildup???”
From our archives 11/26/02



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