Hollywood Takes Notice of Christian Comedian Michael Joiner

There was a time when Michael Joiner looked up to heaven and said, “God, if you want me to be an actor, you better show me right now, ’cause I’m about to apply at Kmart.” Lucky for movie audiences, Joiner has landed dozens of roles since.
Joiner is fresh off the set of “11 Seconds,” a film shot in Nashville that also stars Casper Von Dien (Starship Troopers) and his wife Catherine Oxenberg of TV’s “Dynasty” fame. Joiner plays a high-strung, ambulance chasing lawyer who provides some light moments to an otherwise serious drama. While he continues to perform more than 50 comedy dates a year, his acting career has offered him opportunities he never would have imagined.
“To work alongside Academy Award Winners and A-list actors has been an unbelievable experience,” says Joiner. “I will always love performing comedy, but feel blessed God has also opened up these other doors.”
His big break came when cast as the lead in Sony Pictures’ 2011 police drama, “The Grace Card” alongside Louis Gossett, Jr. (Iron Eagle, An Officer and a Gentleman). He then went on to star in such films as “Broken Faith” and “The Identical,” a star-studded film with Ray Liotta (Field of Dreams, Goodfellas). Seth Green (Austin Powers, The Italian Job), Ashley Judd (Double Jeopardy, Dolphin Tale) and Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix, The Fugitive).
This all came after spending years in Los Angeles chasing his dream to become an actor. Joiner studied under some of Hollywood’s top acting teachers, landed an agent, then appeared in some commercials and a few TV shows. “I counted 350 auditions in five years, but nothing led to any major film roles,” says Joiner.
When the economy declined in 2009, Joiner packed up his family and moved back to his hometown of Kansas City. “I was devastated. I had to kiss my dream goodbye, but thought it was the best thing for my family.” Two months later, he got the call to play the lead in “The Grace Card,” receiving rave reviews from critics including The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.
Along with his busy acting career, Joiner is now booking comedy dates for his new tour, “Why Am I The Only One Who’s Not An Idiot.” For news and laughs, visit michaeljoiner.com and follow him on facebook and twitter.





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