Help Keep Christian Activities Online

Christian Activities may be closing its doors in February 2013.
If you would like to help keep Christian Activities live online, I am struggling to pay off some massive flood damage bills and interest that have been accumulating since the Nashville Flood of 2010 and another water event in October of 2010. I am not in a position to continue carrying Christian Activities on my own right now and am looking for individual or business sponsors to help underwrite us for a year, six months or even one month.
My cost to run Christian Activities is low since I do almost everything myself, but I still have some monthly web charges which will amount to about $30 a month when they go up in February. I really need to use all my funds to pay off these flood debts and try to finish the repairs on my house, so I have informed my web hosting people I may have to close Christian Activities in February.
If you would like to help keep Christian Activities alive for the next year or so while I pay off my flood debts and finish the work on my house, $360 for a year will get you or your business a banner ad (300 by 75) and listed and linked on our sponsors page for a year, $180 will get you a banner ad for 6 months and listed and linked on our sponsors page for a year, and $30 will get you listed and linked on our sponsors page for a year. Only ads and links compatible with Christian Activities will be accepted.
We accept checks or PayPal. The PayPal email is I closed the PO box this year to save money, so if you want to mail me a check, please contact me first at If you still have the PO box on file for our address, please remove it. Email me to get our current mailing address.
Please keep the future of Christian Activities in your prayers. I had to close the print version several years ago for lack of support and now I face the closure of the online version for the same reason.
We just celebrated our 20th year in 2012. It has been a labor of love and a financial sacrifice to keep it going this long, and I would like to continue providing news and information of interest to Christians for another 20 years, but I just can’t keep doing it without help, at least not until all my flood-related debts and expenses are paid off.
If you would like to help keep us going in 2013, you can DONATE HERE or ask us about being a sponsor.


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