Healing Rain

I still see it in my mind
And hold it in my heart
We did so much when we were young
Inside our hearts
A friendship song was sung
But in my innocence
I didn’t see your pain
And you never told me you were hurting
I guess you couldn’t tell me
I probably wouldn’t have understood
I didn’t know enough
To know what you were going through
And I’m sure you weren’t quite sure yourself
For our lives were both caught
in childlike moments
Closed to the understanding of pain
But we still could feel it
Just the same
Above I can see it
Coming closer with each passing breath
It brings peace
It breaks the chains
It quenches the fire of hurt
Healing rain…
In it there is hope
There is freedom from the pain
It will cleanse and it will fill
Just reach out and He’ll reach in
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