What is Ultimate Goal Ministries?

Ultimate Goal’s mission is simple, “Making the soccer field our mission field.” We believe young people can use their talents and gifts to change the world for Jesus Christ. Soccer is the specific tool we use as our platform for sharing Him. Now in our seventh year, Ultimate Goal continues to grow immensely. Hundreds of young people from over 30 states and several foreign countries have used their soccer skills for Jesus Christ. We’ve planted thousands of seeds and seen many chose to follow Jesus Christ personally. Plus, we have motivated, challenged and encouraged teens in the area of missions. All the information you need about Ultimate Goal is in this site, but if you have any questions or would like to speak to us personally, feel free to e-mail, call, write, or even fax us. Read through our site, and if you are interested in going on one of our summer outreaches, then contact us for an application. Come be a part of the amazing things God is doing through Ultimate Goal Ministries.
What is Ultimate Goal Ministries?
Ultimate Goal Ministries is a mission organization based in Nashville, Tennessee, which sends teenagers and young adults on short-term soccer mission trips during the summer and runs a year-round outreach to the 100,000+ internationals residing in Nashville. We have a specific focus on the Kurdish people living in Nashville.
Our Statement of Purpose
Our purpose at UGM is to obey the Great Commission by using soccer as a cultural bridge to develop relationships and share Christ in a natural, non-threatening way. We also recognize the tremendous opportunity to train, motivate, encourage, and challenge teenagers and young adults in the areas of missions, evangelism, and ministry.
Why Soccer?
To most of the world, Soccer isn’t a matter of life or death, it’s more important than that. Soccer is not just another sport; it is the world’s sport. Soccer is the one language the entire world understands, and it brings with it a unique passion and commitment. For instance, the World Cup, soccer’s version of the Super Bowl, draws the interest and attention of billions of people.
Ultimate Goal recognizes the passion and commitment the world has for soccer. The Lord has given us a vision to use this powerful sport to bring a powerful message, the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has called us to bring something that is truly worthy of all the hype, fame, and recognition. The common interest of soccer helps in building cultural bridges and providing the opportunity to develop relationships in which Jesus is shared. Many of the people we are reaching may never enter a church, but they will step onto a soccer field where they hear testimonies and teachings about Jesus that could change their lives forever.
Ministry Outreaches
Ultimate Goal Ministries gives teenagers and young adults an opportunity to combine evangelism with soccer by providing life changing, cross-cultural mission trip outreaches in both the United States and overseas. Through activities such as organized games, soccer camps, skills competitions, small-sided tournaments, and pick-up games, Ultimate Goal teams are able to develop relationships and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who come to participate or watch. Additional opportunities arise to share Jesus Christ through personal testimonies, after-game activities, street ministry, and spending time at various schools, homes, and churches.
In Nashville, Ultimate Goal coordinates year-round outreaches to the 100,000+ international people. Ultimate Goal started the Nashville International Soccer League that provides international teams an opportunity to play in a competitive, yet “friendly” atmosphere. Meanwhile, there is ample opportunity for us to build relationships in which Christ can be shared in a natural, non-threatening way. Along with the NISL, Ultimate Goal has developed a club team comprised of young Kurdish teenagers and runs a yearly Nashville outreach trip in the summer. Other ministry outreaches being developed are soccer camps, apartment complex ministry, partnerships with ethnic cultures, and, eventually, a club team system.


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