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Having completed all of Beth Moore’s Bible Studies I was forced to find a new Bible study last month. I discovered T.W. Hunt’s study on “Disciple’s Prayer Life” and have thoroughly enjoyed it! One of the exercises he suggested was to personalize Psalm 23rd from your own personal perspective using the relationship you identified as your unique relationship with God. As a shepherd, David could readily relate to God as one of His sheep. We were asked to think of the relationship we most readily relate to God in our own lives. In my case, I find myself most often coming as an “empty vessel” to God as my “Source,” so this is how my personal Psalm came out.
Personal Psalm 23 – Empty Vessel to Source
The Lord is my Source;
I shall not rely on myself.
He leads me to empty myself out before Him;
He makes me clean because of His blood.
He restores the gifts within me;
He leads me to be filled with His Spirit.
Yes, though I walk through impossible situations,
I will not be afraid; I will choose to believe.
I will put my trust in Your power and mercy.
You prepare eternal work for me to do;
You anoint me for the task;
Your glory flows in and through me!
Surely, Your name will be praised forever,
And I will humbly cast my crown at Your feet in worship!
When I posted this paraphrase in one of my journal entries I encouraged my cyber friends to come up with their own personal Psalms. Many were sent to me but I was struck with how often we as women relate most readily to God as Father. This inspired me to write another personal Psalm 23 with this particularly special relationship in mind.
Personal Psalm 23 – Little Girl to Daddy
The Lord is my Daddy,
I will be loved and adored.
I crawl up into His lap
and am safely wrapped in His arms.
I lay my head against His heart
and find rest for my mind, body & soul.
I learn to trust.
I take His hand; He holds mine
and we walk together through my life.
Surely, I will face fear, hurt,
disappointment and loss,
but You are bigger than any
ugly monster hiding under my bed.
I will not be afraid of the Dark,
because You are the Light.
I don’t even think about tomorrow,
what I will eat, wear, or where I will live
because You are my Abba
I don’t need to worry;
You will take good care of me –
I am your little girl!
You are the Father of my future
and You have blessings and hope planned for me
You enjoy giving me good gifts.
I make You smile when I dance
with giddy thanksgiving in Your presence.
Whether you had a wonderful relationship with your Father growing up or not, it is never too late to have that special bond with your Father in Heaven, Daddy God. He adores His little girls (and little boys!)
My prayers for you to enjoy this and so much more in the coming year.
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