Guy Penrod



Hi my name is Madison and I was wondering how I could contact Guy Penrod. My great grandmother absolutely loves him and every time anyone asks her what she wants for Christmas she just says one of his c.d’s even though she has all of them. She listens to him all the time! and just thinks’ he is the cutest thing ever. She’s about 90 years old and she’s still rocking. I would just like to know how to contact him and possibly ask him to maybe write her a letter or something just special for her for christmas because she’s about the hardest person to buy for, and I’m leaving to go to college out of state the day after, and she’s very sad and does not want me to go. So I just wanted to try to do something extra special for her before I don’t see her again for awhile.
Thank you for your time,
Madison W.
I do not know how to contact Mr. Penrod, but perhaps one of our readers will know.

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