‘Silver Leaves’ to Fall in November

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The premiere issue of Silver Leaves (SL), the official journal of The White Tree Fund (TWTF), will be released on November 24, 2007. The journal will include a range of topics in features such as academic essays, creative writing, and featured artwork; interviews and event reports; artistic spotlights on costuming, weaponry, handmade items, and writing by invited guests; puzzles; humanitarian, community, and volunteer updates; and book and movie reviews. Issue I features numerous articles and essays including a poem and book review by Christian Activities publisher Kathryn Darden.:
“Some Thoughts on Reading The Lord of the Rings Aloud” by Michael D. C. Drout, Wheaton College, Norton, MA
“Firelace” (an original story) by Nathan. C. Graham
“A Friendship Remembered” (a tribute to Daniel Timmons) by Ted Nasmith, Tolkien Illusatrator
“A Note on Turin and Oedipus” by Dr. Dimitra Fimi. Cardiff University
“Echoes of Middle-earth: Tolkien Connections” by Tom Shippey
“A Man Like You” (poetry) and “Finding God in The Lord of the Rings – A Book Review” by Kathryn E. Darden
The purpose of SL is to educate, raise awareness, support charitable initiatives, and entertain. SL accepts submissions from established scholars, authors, and artists as well as from those new to the publishing world. While the focus of SL is on TWTF’s mandated humanitarian efforts, particularly those from within the Tolkien community, SL is open to scholarly and creative submissions from other fandoms according to the theme of the up-coming issue.
Silver Leaves will be available in printed and electronic formats to members of TWTF and to non-members who purchase subscriptions. You can order the first issue of Silver Leaves for $15 plus shipping at Silver Leaves

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