Group 1 Crew CD Review



This group came together around three years ago when they meet at a Bible study group.
They were all working on solo careers but decided to drop them in favor of joining forces
to form Group 1 Crew.
The three people that make up group are; Manwell Reyes, Blanca Reyes( not related
to Manwell) and Pablo Villatoro.
This self-titled project is the group’s debut release on the Fervent Records label. On this CD
you’ll find 13 tracks of Dance meets Hip Hop music.
The music is filled with bass line club/dance beats topped off with both rap and singing styles
of vocals.
The CD gets your heart pumping right from track-1 with the upbeat song, “Love Is A Beautiful
Thing.” This song talks about how though we may all be a little different the one thing that can
pull us all together is the love of God.
The most interesting song is track-8, “Clap Ya Hands.” This song is the face of what Modern
Worship for the Dance/Hip Hop generation sounds like.
I liked this CD with its fresh up-beats and vocal style’s mix.
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