God’s Great Big World and Hullabaloo Zoo

Miss PattyCake (Women of Faith Worship Team’s Jean Thomason) uses
props, puppets and Bible songs to teach children the joy of
celebrating God’s presence through music. By understanding the
attention level of preschoolers, Thomason and songwriter Nancy Gordon
are able to encourage interaction with fun, activity songs for kids ages 1-5. The Miss Pattycake ministry is dedicated to finding new and
entertaining ways to teach preschoolers and younger children
Christian values.
With the release of God’s Great Big World on DVD, Miss PattyCake
helps children discover that God has the whole world in His hands and
no matter how small they are or where they live, God is always
watching over them. Preschoolers will learn about the creation
story through action-oriented sing-along songs and entertaining Bible
stories. The project includes live footage from Miss PattyCake’s visit to El
Salvador as part of a World Vision outreach.
With the release of Hullabaloo Zoo on DVD, Miss PattyCake takes a
colorful trip to the zoo. Along the way, she teaches children of
God’s great plan for everyone.
The songlists for God’s Great Big World and Hullabaloo Zoo include
new songs such as “In The Beginning”, “Floatin’ Moses”, “What Will
the Weather Be”, “Funny Farm”, “Hullabaloo”, “Jungle Jamba”,
and “Just Like You Are.”
Each Miss PattyCake release promotes preschool skills such as
counting, recognizing colors and shapes while introducing Christian
values like sharing, having compassion and loving others.
Each DVD release features a special bonus song.
The Miss PattyCake DVDs are scheduled to release to CBA and the
general market on November 19.
Integrity plans to release Birthday Party Surprise and Eggstravaganza
on DVD in February 2003.
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