Galaxy21 Music Enters Marketplace With A New Approach

Dan Michaels, industry veteran and band member of the innovative, Dove award-winning band The Choir, has announced the formation of Galaxy21 Music. Plans are to work together with well-known, influential artists that are interested in maintaining ownership of their music, aid in the marketing of their product, tour to support the release, and enjoy the creative and business freedoms in their pursuit of music and ministry. The current roster includes 77’s, The Choir, Daniel Amos and Buck Enterprises.
“All the bands on the label are good friends of mine,” states Michaels. “I’ve known these guys for many years as we all saw our label deals come and go. Each of them are true artists who love God, love to create heartfelt and meaningful music, and love to play live. This is my opportunity to serve my fellow musicians and work on behalf of their music ministry with respect, love and enthusiasm.”
While each artist’s arrangement with Galaxy21 Music is unique, the common thread is that all aspects of the recording, promotion, imaging, photography, conceptualization, and advertising of the project is jointly determined by the label and the band.
Artists on the label appreciate the fact that their input matters, a main distinction between their relationship at Galaxy21 and prior labels. “It’s important for an artist to retain some measure of creative direction in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of their product. No one wants to build a project from conception through realization without the opportunity to also direct the post-production elements of the business,” said Jonathan Feavel of Warm & Filled Artist Management (77’s, Daniel Amos). “Each artist wants the final product to reach and impact the intended audience; this result is much easier to realize where there is genuine cooperation between artist, management and the record company. Galaxy 21 provides the unique opportunity for all involved to hit that target.”
“The label is, in essence, a service to and for the artist,” explains Andy Conant, marketing director for Galaxy21 Music. “Galaxy21 provides creative consultation and helps implement the marketing.”
Dan Michaels and Andy Conant have worked together before, both at Tattoo Records and most recently at Red Hill Records. Michaels also handled A&R at Benson, while Conant helmed the marketing duties for Rustproof Records.
The label is slated to release Adam Again: A Tribute to Gene Eugene Live at Cornerstone 2000 in late February, a live concert taped at last year’s Cornerstone festival. Most of the artists on the roster appear on the cd, as well as Sim Wilson (Undercover), Michael Knott, and Riki Michele (Adam Again). The 2-cd set features a new song by Riki Michele, as well as an acoustic release by fellow AA band member Greg Lawless.
The 77’s new record, A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows, is set to release on April 10, 2001 and Business As Usual from Buck Enterprises is slated for May 8.
Galaxy21 Music will release a limited number of projects a year, opting instead to carefully cultivate public awareness in the new cd. “Bands on Galaxy21 have a following,” says Michaels. “The fans are out there, and many of them can measure milestones in their own lives by the records put out by these guys. As long as the project is representative of the artist?of where they are now, I think we can bring the fans along for the ride again.”
Internet promotion figures in heavily to the marketing of the label, as each artist has a solid net presence. Information on the 77’s can be found at, The Choir is at, Buck Enterprises is on, and Daniel Amos at Galaxy21 Music can be found at
Galaxy21 Music will showcase many of their artists during GMA 2001 at CafĂ© Milano on Tuesday, April 24th at 9pm. Included on the bill are The Choir, the 77’s, Terry Taylor featuring Phil Madeira, and the Lost Dogs.
Galaxy21 Music is distributed in the CBA market through Diamante Distribution. Explains Bill Conine: “Diamante is proud to be associated with Galaxy21 Music. We share a commitment to the artists who helped pioneer alternative Christian music as we know it today. These artists continue to have a very loyal fan base and we look forward to distributing products from Galaxy21 as they continue the traditions of the past and open doors to new bands of the future.”

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