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When Don Levine created the Original G.I. Joe in 1963, he revolutionized the world of boys’ toys and changed the face of the toy industry forever. With over five billion dollars in worldwide sales, G.I. Joe remains one of the most treasured and collectible action figures in the world. This month, Levine introduces a new line of action figures called Almighty Heroes, specifically targeted to the Christian marketplace.
“It is my desire that these inspirational action figures and fashion dolls create excitement for kids and develop their interest in the characters and messages of the Bible,” says Levine.
In development for more than two years, the Almighty Heroes line offers something for both boys and girls, featuring Old Testament characters such as Samson, David, Noah and Moses, along with 12″ fashion dolls of Queen Esther and Deborah the Warrior. Each character comes with its own Bible storybook as well as accessories. The pre-school boys’ action figures retail for $12.99. For girls, the Queen Esther and Deborah the Warrior dolls come with their own parchment stories from the Bible and retail for $24.99 each. Levine says these dolls are designed to be both beautiful and durable, withstanding the most active environment.
Currently, Levine’s company is gearing up to introduce its fall line-up of 35 new toys based on the Almighty Heroes action figures and Bible stories. Plans are in the works for a television and DVD series of the characters with details forthcoming.
Don Levine himself is Jewish, and grew up learning the stories of the Old Testament heroes. “The battle of Good versus Evil is what makes these characters stand out,” says Levine, who now heads up Family Values, LLC, a company committed to finding, creating and sharing the absolute best family-focused resources, and bringing them into the homes of today’s modern family. The goal is to bridge the gap of education and play by developing innovative and fun toys, music, resources and role play merchandise for kids of all ages. For more information on the company, visit: www.familyvaluescenter.com.
The Almighty Heroes line is distributed by Diamond Select Gifts a sister company of Diamond Comic Distributors. Retailers interested in carrying the Almighty Heroes line can contact Jerry Magner at Diamond Select Gifts at (410) 427-9262.

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