Follow You Tour challenges audiences to put faith into action



By sharing messages of hurting people at their concerts, the artists involved with the Follow You Tour are encouraging Christians to engage actively with a world in need.
The 43-city tour this fall features Brandon Heath (2009 Gospel Music Association’s Male Vocalist of the Year) and the band Leeland, along with special guest Francesca Battistelli.
“God’s really been opening our vision to all the hurting people especially the poor around the world, and making it clear that we should help by being a part of spreading His Kingdom,” Leeland Mooring said.
“Worship, justice and action are not separate. They are united and work together. When you have an amazing encounter with God and you experience His love during worship, the fruit of that should be your life overflowing with action, love and justice to the world around you.”

Each night on the tour, Heath and band members from Leeland share about their recent mission trip to Cambodia and provide information about sponsoring children through Food for the Hungry.
“One of the core goals of my ministry is focused on striking up conversations about social injustices around the world and being a voice for those who have been silenced by poverty or lack of influence,” Heath said.

For several years, Heath has been able to take a public platform and merge it with his heart for community by working with several missions organizations such as Young Life, Blood:Water Mission, Restore International and other human right groups.
“After traveling through Asia with Leeland, more specifically Cambodia, I can say that we’ve seen God with the poor,” he said. “We really want to encourage people to listen to the messages and respond by taking action.”
By sharing these messages throughout this tour, Heath says he hopes audiences will be inspired to step out of their own comfort zone.
“At the end of each concert, I really want people to know that they are absolutely loved by God and hope that they are inspired to be the hands and feet of Christ to the world around them. I think that the longer I get to know the character of Jesus, the more compassion I personally have for others. I want to challenge people more. It’s one thing to have compassion and quite another to act on it. Most times, it starts with the people around you.
“What I am learning, what I am finding, and what I am observing — those are the things I am putting into songs. And if I can lead people into the spirit of the Lord and maybe reveal some things in their life that God wants to be a part of as well, that’s the ultimate goal.”
Battistelli agreed: “This tour is a great opportunity for us to all take a step outside of our comfort zone and move deliberately toward helping others and answering the call to action that the Lord establishes for each one of us, each day.”
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