FM Static Hits #1

It’s been a phenomenal run for Toronto newcomers, FM Static to capture the #1 position on Radio & Records’ weekly Rock Charts! In just 4 short weeks their single, “Crazy Mary” has burst onto playlists everywhere, establishing the band as a hit to nearly everyone who has been captivated by the song’s catchy chorus and heartfelt sentiment. “You know a song is spin-worthy when you can hum the tune after hearing it only once,” explains Kelly Downing of WMKL, “That doesn’t happen too often.”
But writing hits seems to come natural for the band that also holds two members of already successful rock act, Thousand Foot Krutch, who, just two weeks prior to FM Static’s #1 held that same position with their single, “Bounce.” And with the July 22nd release of FM Static’s full length album entitled, “What Are you Waiting For?” growing in popularity and the upcoming release of Thousand Foot Krutch’s long awaited album, “Phenomenon,” releasing September 30th, expect to see and hear these Canadian rockers everywhere for a long time to come!
Already, stations in both CHR and AC Formats have been quick to pick up “Crazy Mary” as well! And with the Festival con Dios Tour, of which both bands are a part of, FM Static fans will finally get a chance to see their favorite tunes performed live! Check out news on the tour and upcoming dates at: And don’t forget to visit FM Static’s official website at: for all the latest news on the band!


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