The release of Flashpoint: Book One of the Underground by author Frank Creed reaches out to Christian science fiction and cyberpunk fans.
Published by The Writers Caf� Press, “Flashpoint” was the 2006 winner of best science fiction chapter book at the world’s largest sci-fi/ fantasy online community, Elfwood.com and the 2007 Christian Fiction Review Impress award for the best book toured.
Set in Chicago 2036, Flashpoint is the story of an alternative future where patriotism meets tyranny, the Patriot Act has turned into something Stalin-esque and the violence of terrorism has united the world. Fundamentalist terrorists are the One State’s only threat, including Bible-believing Christians. When peacekeepers make a home-church bust in the Chicago Metroplex, only three people evade capture, a 20-year-old and his 16-year-old sister, and their father.
Before turning himself in to join his wife and give his children a chance for freedom, the father sends his son and daughter to the “Body of Christ Underground” where they adopt street-names, undergo spiritual and technological reformation, and slip between the cracks of Chicago. Their mission: to save believers including their family before they’re rehabbed, brainwashed, or worse, by the One State Neros.
Calamity Kid and e-girl fearlessly walk the valley of death, because He’s with them, but they’ll need every molecule of their re-formed faith to face down peacekeepers, gangers, One-State Neros, and fallen angels, in America’s dark Post-Modern Humanist age.
The book is loaded with images and slang which will appeal to teens, and is also loaded with morals and values which will appeal to Christian parents. I have read many press releases which promise “the next Harry Potter” but fail to deliver a book that is readable. Flashpoint delivers an exciting plot and Christian values without resorting to tedious apologetics or heavy-handed bombardment of scripture.
More information at www.frankcreed.com.

Flashpoint: Book One of the Underground by Frank Creed can be purchased at the following: www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, www.edenstarbooks.com and can be ordered into any book store. ISBN #978-1- 934284-01-8
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