A Letter to My Son




Jason, this is your dad. I feel that since the story of our dispute is now public I should write you publicly and apologize for all that has happened.
First, I must say I love you. My heart is broken as I am sure yours is too, and for that I am truly sorry. I can remember the nights as I traveled, when you were a child, lying in my bunk on the bus and wishing I were home. Your mom and I knew that from a very early age you would be in ministry. As I watched you grow and begin showing interest in music, I thanked God that a part of me lived in you.
When I made the decision to come off the road, I had come through the battle with cancer and truly felt that the 40+ years of travel had taken its toll. You must know the beating my body took with the chemo and radiation, and that even though I had beaten the cancer, I was tired and didn’t know what the future would hold.
When the opportunity in Hawaii was presented, I felt as though I would be able to retire, leave the legacy of the group to you, and all would be well. As so many people now know, the business we were working with went into foreclosure, which left your mother and I emotionally and financially drained.
When I returned to the mainland to sing, it wasn’t just to provide financially for your mother and me, it was because I wanted to finish my years serving the Lord in the only ministry I had ever known. I wanted to live close to my family and do what I love to do, with a group of guys I love doing it with. I am no threat to you or the Imperials, nor have I ever desired to be. Due to the age difference and style of music between our groups, I never anticipated there would be interference, and I believed we could successfully co-exist in ministry.
Son, I transferred to you the rights that I had in the name, The Imperials, out of love and affection for you and to support you in your ministry. I knew that I had the permission to use The Imperials name. I have only learned through our legal troubles that I did not have the right to sell that name. I truly felt that the $1 dollar I received was just a transaction of a father transferring his legacy to his son.
We will both continue to follow the path we believe God has called us to. I am no longer using the name CLASSIC IMPERIALS, only a picture of a Crown on our CD covers. I refer to myself as, “one of the Artists formerly known as The Imperials,” and this is a true statement. Please accept my public apology so the healing process can begin and we can be a family again.

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