Firebird Trilogy

Hailed as one of the landmark inspirational science-fiction sagas ever, this epic story of sacrifice and destiny is available again in a convenient and affordable single-volume combining Firebird, Fusion Fire, and Crown of Fire.
Because of her birth order in the royal family of planet Netaia, Lady Firebird Angelo’s life expectancy as the 3rd child is short. She will be ordered to commit an act of suicidal patriotism as soon as her oldest sister, Carradee, produces two viable heirs. Because she has been brought up with a religion that worships the state and centers on the Powers, Firebird accepts this as her duty.
When we first encounter Firebird, she is spying on a delegation from the Federation – a delegation with an honor guard dressed in midnight blue with the star of a telepathic Sentinel. Little does she know he holds the key to her future and her destiny.
Not long after Firebird’s sister gives birth to her second child, Firebird receives her orders to end her life honorably, and she is chosen to lead an attack on a neighboring planet… where she and her closest wastling friends are sent on the front lines so they may die with honor in the service of Netaia. Instead, she is captured by the mysterious Federation Sentinel who rescues her before she can end her life. Reluctantly, she begins a journey of self discovery. She first learns to want to live and then discovers that there is more to this life than just life.  
Fusion Fire follows Firebird’s journey of discovery as she begins to learn more about the religion of her benefactor (and now her husband) as she uncovers some latent telepathic powers in herself. The trilogy concludes with Crown of Fire where Firebird wins all she could ever have dreamed of when she lived on Netaia, only to discover it is no longer what she wants.
Novelist Kathy Tyers writes masterfully of Firebird’s spiritual and physical battles and the timeless consequences of her courageous struggle—not only for herself and the man she loves, but also for the worlds she seeks to save. She deftly weaves all the characters and plot twists from the first novel through the third into a conclusion that is satisfying as well as exciting. Including hymns and what can only be called Psalms from the Sentinel’s religion, the books have some truly beautiful and lyrical poetry.
The religious elements are an interesting perspective on a promised people expecting a long-awaited Messiah. While not a direct parallel to the Old Testament, it nonetheless gave me a new perspective on Judaism and Christianity by looking at my own faith from a different angle.
To me the weakest link was that main character’s name. I had trouble taking the name Firebird seriously.

About the Author 
Kathy Tyers has written stories for numerous science-fiction journals and has published six books, including One Mind’s Eye and Truce at Bakura which made the New York Times bestseller list.  She has earned degrees in microbiology and education. Kathy lives in Bozeman, Montana, where she plays flute in the Bozeman Symphony Orchestra.
ISBN 0764229273; Trade Paperback; $12.99 
800 pages
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