Larnelle Harris To Star In Several Spring TV Specials

5-time Grammy and 11-time Dove Award winner Larnelle Harris will be featured in several Day Of Discovery television specials in February and March of 2005.
First, Larnelle hosts “The Josiah Henson Story” chronicling the life of the inspiration behind Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a novel that Abraham Lincoln credited for starting the Civil War.  “The Josiah Henson Story” will air on February 13 and 20.

Larnelle will also host a tv show entitled “Pressing On,” featuring the music from the soon-to-be released compilation from Discovery House Music entitled “Pressing On: Songs Inspired By The Journeys Of The Apostle Paul.”  The new CD will feature songs performed by Larnelle as well as Michael O’Brien, the original members of First Call, Travis Cotrell, Corey Emerson and Marshall Hall.  Much of the footage for the television special was filmed in Israel.  The “Pressing On” tv broadcast is scheduled to air March 6 and 13.
Additionally, Larnelle will be featured in an Easter special airing March 27, as well as a tv special highlighting the songs from the CD “Spirituals: Songs Of The Soul” (Discovery House) which will air sometime in February. Day of Discovery, a weekly half-hour television show produced by RBC Ministries, is currently seen on over 100 stations across the U.S.  The show is approaching its 30th anniversary.
Larnelle will also make an appearance in a Gaither Homecoming Easter special that was also filmed in Israel. In addition to two trips to the Holy Land this year, Larnelle has also journeyed to Korea and to Africa.
In August, Larnelle arrived at the 38th Parallel between North and South Korea riding in the infamous Blackhawk helicopter regularly used by the U.S. Armed Forces (see photo below).  Larnelle was given a 1-Star General Classification as he traveled to several of the army bases in South Korea to sing for the troops. 
“I was standing in the building where disputes are handled between North and South Korea,” says Larnelle.  “There is an invisible but very real line right down the middle of the building, even down the middle of the table where negotiations take place.  And outside are guards staring at each other over that line.  If one of them moves wrong or flinches, war could erupt.  But it’s nothing the Bible hasn’t warned us about.  There will be wars and rumors of wars, and we’re seeing that clearly in our lifetime right now.”  Before he left the country, Larnelle put over 5,000 free copies of his CD “The American Spirit” into the hands of soldiers who were being deployed to Iraq.
While filming in Israel, Larnelle took notice of the tension in the country, especially during an incident at the airport.  “I was standing in line at customs, and people were pushing and shoving and you could just feel the anger rising,” says Larnelle.  “I got to my concourse and heard from someone behind me that a huge fight had erupted just after I left.  The differences between the Israelis and Palestinians run so deep, and have gone on so long – really dating back to the time of Ishmael and Issac – that it is nearly impossible to believe any of it will ever be resolved.”
“In some ways, it is a scary world and it frightens me to know my little granddaughter will grow up in a world that is growing worse and worse,” says Harris. “ But I also know, that regardless of the world’s course, God will have the final word.”

Larnelle Harris is one of the renowned singers in gospel music.  He has released over 20 audio and video recordings since 1975, garnering 5 Grammy Awards, 11 Dove Awards (including being named Male Vocalist Of The Year three times), a Stellar Award, and a Religion In Media Award,  among other honors.  He received the distinguished Silver Bell Award from the Ad Council for his song “Mighty Spirit” which was featured in the longest-running Public Service Announcement in the history of television.  Larnelle has appeared on several national tv shows and networks including  Live With Regis & Kathie Lee; At Home Live on FamilyNet (Larnelle will appear again on this show on December 10, 2004); Life Today With James Robison; CNN; Music City Tonight with Crook & Chase on TNN; 700 Club; LeSea Broadcasting; Cornerstone TV; Good Morning South Africa; Billy Graham Crusades; World Vision TV Special; Hour Of Power; Larnelle Christmas Special. 


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