Finto Calls for Reconciliation Between Christians and Jewish People

Once again, the people of Israel are on center stage at
a crucial moment in world history. Prayers are vital in this hour. Don Finto
calls the Church to intercede for the Jewish people, the chosen people of
God, in Your People Shall Be My People (Regal Books).
In this book, Finto provides a clear biblical understanding of the
relationship between Israel and the Church so that Christians can align
their prayers with God’s plan while praying for reconciliation. Citing
prophecy from the Bible, Finto shows how Israel, the Jews and the Christian
Church will come together in the last days.
“No generation since the first century has seen such a rapidly increasing
body of Jewish believers both in the Land and in the nations,” writes Finto.
“As the Church understands the prophetic times in which we live, we will
become partners with God in hastening the fulfillment.”
God loves the Jewish people and they will always be a part of His plan. Yet
Finto explains that the Christian Church has turned its back on these
relatives of the Messiah. In Your People Shall Be My People, Finto addresses
that Christians need to confess personally and corporately on behalf of the
Church for centuries of persecution of the Jewish people.
The Author
Dr. Don Finto served as pastor of Belmont Church in Nashville for more than
25 years. He continues to serve as a pastor to pastors, and he has become
actively involved with the resurrected community of Jewish believers in
Jesus, both in the United States and Israel. Don and his wife, Martha, have
three children, seven grandchildren and one great-grandson and live in


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