FCC Proposes More Nudity & Cursing on TV

The Federal Communications Commission has announced a new low in their history as they are making a push for frontal nudity and more cursing including the “F-word” on broadcast TV, according to CBN News.
The FCC has reportedly received a large number of obscenity complaints since Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” on the Superbowl, but the the U.S. Supreme Court decided in 2012 that broadcasters should not be fined for things they didn’t know about in advance. This allowed the FCC to simply drop about 70% of its cases.
However, now the FCC has come up with a clever idea on how to reduce its workload even more — simply drop many existing standards and allow more cursing and nudity on TV.
This is not the first bad decision the FCC has been party to. In 2009, the FCC ended all analog television transmissions by going digital without allowing analog simulcasts (except a few hispanic stations). This forced almost 3,000,000 Americans to lose TV reception entirely when they could not afford to upgrade to cable or other costly providers when the converter boxes did not work as promised.
The public is invited to speak out on the proposed lower standards, and the American Family Association has released the following directions on how to oppose the new changes. To ensure your comment is accepted by the FCC:
Go to the FCC website.
Enter the code “13-86” in the “Proceeding Number” box and fill out the few remaining required fields.
Enter your comment in the text box provided and click “Continue.”
From there, review your comment and click “confirm.”
SAMPLE: I oppose any changes to the current FCC indecency standards that would allow television and radio stations to broadcast expletives and nudity on the public airwaves, even if brief or “fleeting.”





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