“EXTREMEDAYS” to Release September 28

Providence Entertainment announced the mainstream release of the cutting-edge, extreme-sports feature, “EXTREMEDAYS” will still
open in theaters on Friday, September 28, 2001. Providence Entertainment CEO Victor Vanden Oever said “Many movies with intense and violent subject matter have been postponed, some indefinitely, so as not to be insensitive, relative to the tragic events of this past week in New York City and Washington D.C. We believe “EXTREMEDAYS, in two weeks’ time, could be a pleasant weekend movie getaway for families and teens ‘of all ages.'”
Marc Harper Impact Entertainment’s National Director for “EXTREMEDAYS” said “‘EXTREMEDAYS’ is a perfect opportunity for Christian teens to continue ‘God conversations’ after watching the movie with pre-Christian friends, especially in this time of national mourning when many people are asking afresh ‘Where is God when bad things happen?'”
“EXTREMEDAYS” is the first multi EXTREME SPORTS film to be released from Hollywood! With elements of outrageous humor and romance, the story centers around five lives that are forever changed by a journey to life’s threshold as they embark upon a daring road trip adventure. Faith, hope and love bind this group of teens together as they discover the most extreme sport of all — life.
The cast includes Dante Basco best known for his role in “Hook,” Ryan Browning (“The Intern”); AJ Buckley (“Disturbing Behavior”); Derek Hamilton (“Ninja Turtles”); and features the up and coming Cassidy Rae (“Models, Inc.” and “Crowned and Dangerous”).
“EXTREMEDAYS” is a new breed of film that hints at Godly values in a fun, relational way. Many national youth ministry leaders and organizations have recognized the film’s quality and potential to influence teenagers. Some endorsements include Josh McDowell, Doug Fields, Young Life, Youth For Christ, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Crossroads Youth Ministry, First Priority, True Love Waits, Student Venture, and Youth Specialties. Impact Entertainment has already sold out many showings via their advance ticket efforts to youth groups and para-church organizations.
“EXTREMEDAYS,” is distributed by Providence Entertainment, produced by Norann Entertainment and Tricor Entertainment, and directed by Eric Hannah


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