Diamante Music Group Changes

Bill Conine, former founder and president of Diamante Music Group, Inc., announced the formation of a new distribution company to facilitate labels that were recently left without representation by the sudden closure of Diamante Servant, LLC. The name of the new distribution company is Diamante Media Group, Inc.
“The labels and our staff felt that it was important to keep the Diamante identity since the Christian music industry has grown to associate that name with the successful launch of new cutting-edge music,” said Conine. “We will continue the legacy started by the former Diamante Music Group and focus on contemporary genres that reach the high school and college age market.”
“Many of the labels who are joining Diamante Media Group,” continued Conine, “are doing so at great financial sacrifice because they still believe in the concept of an independent, Christian owned and operated distribution system. Former Diamante staff members who have signed on to the new company believe the same way.
“We have always referred to ourselves as purpose driven as opposed to market driven,” states Sheri Hogan, Diamante Media’s new Director of Marketing. “We feel as though we are family,” stated Philip Von Wrede, president of Bettie Rocket Records. “Many of the labels feel like we do and share a common vision for ministry. We chose to stay and continue our ministry partnership rather than seek out just a new business or simple contractual relationship.”
The following labels will make up the new Diamante Media Group: Names in brackets are popular artists associated with the label(s)
A.I.R. Gospel (Dottie Peoples)
Against The Flow Records (Marvin Winans, Angie Winans)
Bettie Rocket Records (Noggin Toboggan)
Born Again Records (James Grear and Company)
Christ For the Nations (Makes Me Shout)
CMN Records (Pettidee)
Eternal Funk (Unity Klan)
Fashion Pop (EDL)
Garden City/Tesh Media (John Tesh)
GRRR Records (Glenn Kaiser)
Holy Roller Entertainment (Tim “Bishop” Brown)
JDI Records (Norman Hutchins)
Lion Of Zion Entertainment (Christafari)
MCM Music (Saviour Machine)
Metal Blade Records (Tourniquet)
Metro One (T-Bone, Spoken)
Myx Records (Rubicon 7, Deeper Than Most)
Next Generation Ministries (Kenoly Brothers)
No Box Records (According To John)
Only God Entertainment (Thousand Foot Krutch)
Rescue Records (P.O.D., Rockstar)
Screaming Giant Records (.Rod Laver)
Seventh Street Records (Cross Movement)
Syntax Records (Sackcloth Fashion)
CNI Distribution will continue to fill orders for Diamante Media Group as well as handle order entry and customer service. “We are grateful to our retailers for their continuing patience and support during this rebuilding period,” says Conine. “I continue to hear from retailers and are happy we have chosen to move forward. This entire situation has reminded me that God holds us all in his palm and loves to hand out second chances.”

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