Estes Park: Wednesday, August 7

One thing about Seminar in the Rockies, you get the best dose of Worship! Every night starts with the best of the best in worship. Kicking it off for
Wednesday, was worship leader Israel. Israel’s band and backup singers were just as passionate and energetic about worship, as he was. They honor the
One who brought us all up the mountain!
Gary Chapman was the host for the night and I could not have been more excited. I have been a huge fan of Gary Chapman for years! I love his
music, songwriting and loved watching him on Primetime Country! He had an artist teaching class earlier in the day and it was great! What a talented
and extremely humble man! I left his class with my sides aching from laughter. Besides all of his musical talent, Gary is a natural comedian! He can’t
help it, it just explodes out of him and anyone around is going to be affected!
Gary is the perfect emcee! He respects his fellow artists, has great love and knowledge of music and songwriting and has extraordinary stage presence!
As funny and goofy as he can be, he has also got a heart of gold that is lined with humbleness! He took a moment at the end of one of his songs to say
some things about his past few years…….it was so touching! He did not have to do it, but I believe it ministered to so many in the crowd, myself
included! It was a time of turning the focus onto God! Most all registrants are striving for the stage, wanting desperately to be the “one” on it,
performing, all eyes on them……using their gifts and talents and soaking up the spotlight! Gary revealed the harsh reflection of that spotlight……the
glare that follows you where ever you go……shining into your home, your life, your family and all around you…seeping into every nook and cranny of
your existence.
He apologized publicly for some things……he was so sincere and real! What an example for the Body of Christ, especially if you
consider the audience that he was speaking to. This crowd was filled with his peers, Industry galore and aspiring artists…..fresh minds that are soaking up
all that is around! It was a display of what a real Christian is…..not perfect, but bonded to the One who is! Gary Chapman, not just an Artist but a
tremendous child of God!
The Young Continentals were also on this night! The Founder and President of the Young Continentals Cam Floria, also started this Seminar, in
1974! So there is a strong connection to the Continentals and Seminar in the Rockies! If it were not for Cam and the fruition of his dream, through
creating the Continentals, I believe that this Seminar would not even exist! This Conference is just a piece of his dream that he created along the way, as
he build the Young Continental Ministry! It is just living proof, that when God births a dream in your heart, you need to follow it through and allow
Him to direct your path…. wherever it leads! What a great foundation for this event to build on, a solid example of God working through one individual
to change the world! And change the world they do, the Young Continentals always give an exuberant performance, that is very contagious! I don’t think
there is a better training ground for young Christian singers today than the Continentals! They bring the Gospel to light with youthfulness and joy. As
many mainstream teens are using their talents to draw attention to their bodies and worldly message, these young people are using their bodies and talents
to glorify the Lord, through a message of Hope and Love!
Selah, now here is proof of what was said at the seminar all week long, “A good song will rise to the top.” Registrants are told, if you have a great
song, it will be uncovered. Well, with Selah, not only did they have ‘A’ good song, but enough to fill a whole CD. With hardly any commercial
promotion, Selah rocketed into the forefront of popularity. Their ability to reinterpret hymns and spirituals, was something that people craved! They not
only hit the bull’s eye of their target market but a broad cross-section of the listening public. Selah captures a variety of age groups and cultures! Nicol,
Allan and Todd and their wonderful ministry of music, will be around for a long time. They drew the crowd into worship so masterfully! The familiarity
of their lyric comes at you first. Then you are swept up in the unique style of music, while you are gracefully being lead into worship! What a blessing!!
The Hoskins Family were able to take the stage, despite a bus breakdown and a stressful last leg of their trek to Estes! Southern Gospel is done right
with this “All in the Family” group! Many flavors of music filling the ears of registrants and attendees during this week long concert series! I believe
that the door to new arenas of style and sound, are opened up for many listeners.
Trin-i-tee 5:7 was also on the hot concert list for the night of August 7. They have so much more than music coming off of that stage, I don’t think
even they realize it! Being a mother of three daughters, I was ate up their performance! They display such cohesiveness when they perform, not only in
sound but in thought, motion and passion! Their playfulness and sincerity makes it so easy to hear what they are saying! In the short time that they are
on the stage, they connect with their audience! God masterfully put together this team, from the ground to sound, they have got it all! They are cutting
edge with their lyrics and they mirror that with their music! Trin-i-tee 5:7 is a powerful ministry force!
Now, a group that I waited for and anticipated finally took the stage…….Audio Adrenaline! They have been one of my favorite groups for years!
Veterans at what they do, they perform like you are the only crowd they are going to play to all year! Going all out, driven by their desire to serve the
Lord! They span the generations with all of their tunes! Jesus spews out of them like a toppled soda can! Audio Adrenaline speaks to the heart of many
issues. From “Big House” to “Ocean Floor” they hit on basic Biblical truths, with the brand of Rock that they have become famous for! This group has
such high octane evangelism, that all who hear their music will be affected by the lyrics! The melody draws you in and the message saturates your soul!
God has favored Audio Adrenaline and blessed them with amazing talent! I am just one of the many, who has been affected by their obedience to serve!
They were a perfect way to end this great night of music!
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