Estes Park: Monday Concerts

After the first full day of classes, competition and critiques, the registrants filled the Longhouse in anticipation of the of music and worship! The night
took off again with Chad Cates leading the crowd into the Presence of the Lord! As he diverted our attention off of the events of the day and directed them
heavenward by fixing our eyes on the King! Not only is Chad a great songwriter but he has a heart for worship and the gift of humbly ushering you up to
the foot of the Throne!
The evening’s concert lineup consisted of Sandi Patti, Rachel Lampa, Greater Vision, Mark Schultz and was sparked again by Comedian Chondra
Pierce. Sandi Patti was join by funny girl Chondra and they did some great impromptu comedy about women, motherhood and life! Then Sandi Patti
started off with a medley of her songs! Definitely a crowd favorite as everyone joined in to sing along with her. To be in the crowd when such a legend in
Christian music performs is a real treat! This started the night off with a bang, which exploded into Rachel Lampa taking to the stage! Louisville,
Colorado being her hometown and just minutes away from Estes Park, she had a lot of friends and family in the crowd! What a great sound at a concert,
hearing these faithful fans, who have been around from the beginning of her career. They cheer just as loud now as they did from the start! Rachel Lampa
is a joy to watch in concert. Not onl! y are you blessed to hear a magnificent voice but passion which flows from her heart, for her generation…teens that
are lost, hurting or struggling! Knowing that with her voice, she could easily be singing for mainstream anywhere! But she is choosing instead to serve
the Lord and do it with boldness and fervor! What a blessing she was!
Greater Vision graced the stage with eloquence and style. The rich harmony and vocals bending together with such perfection is pleasing to the ear! At
Seminar in the Rockies, you are exposure to all genre of Christian music. If you haven’t heard certain groups or styles of music, this is the perfect
opportunity to sit back and enjoy!
Mark Schultz was the last Artist to sing before Sandi Patti came out to close the concert. Mark started off with a song, then told a very humorous
story! He had to wait for the crowd to stop laughing, before he continued onto his next song! To watch Mark and then to hear the stories behind the
songs he sings is very touching! As he sings it is apparent that he feels the emotion of the song. Because it is not just the music and the lyric that picks
you up and takes you on a ride, but the passion from his heart’s expression that makes the song’s journey personal for you! You can revisit sorrow, joy,
pain or praise with vivid recollection of you own past! What an inspiration he was to all of the aspiring Artists and songwriters in the crowd! Mark
Schultz is an extremely humble man and very dedicated to the Lord through his ministry of music.
All of the artist that performed brought glory to the Lord, through individual gifts and style! The end result was the same, God being honored in
worship, music and song!
Seminar in
the Rockies: Sunday Night Concerts
Annual Seminar in the Rockies


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