Estes Park Concerts: Sunday Night

Estes Park, CO, was definitely the place to be, during the week of August 4-10! The YMCA’s Longhouse literally rocked six nights in a
row with amazing performances from all genre of Christian Music!! The stage is set in the wonderful Rocky Mountain setting, you
can’t help being caught up in all of God’s handiwork. Then to perpetuate the high even more, you attend classes all day long that are
taught by some of the most respected songwriters, publishers, producers, worship leaders, ministers, teachers in the Industry. And if
that is not enought each night is tied up by gathering together as brothers and sisters in Christ, to celebrate through music with some
of today’s finest Christian Artists!! It all makes for a little slice of heaven here on earth!

Sunday night kicked off the concert series with Praise and worship, led by Chad Cates. This was the refuge of the conference! No
matter the effects of the day, we could all gather together in amazing corporate worship! Free to communicate to the Lord and release
emotions from the day and seek His face! It becomes a part of the day that you long for!
The first to take to the stage was Comedian,
Chondra Pierce. She was the hostess for the night and did not waste any time exposing the comedy of our surrondings. She got
everyone laughing with a discussion on wardrobe, youthfulness and oxygen….or the lack there of! Crystal Lewis, Steve Green, the
Katinas and Kara were the night’s performers! As the night unfolded, the stage became an amazing platform of worship. From
Crystal’s stellar voice leading the crowd in praise onto Steve Green delivering his songs with the classic reverence that he is known for, reminding those in the crowd by example what it is all about! All of the night’s performers had a remarkable humbleness about
them! With Estes Park being such an intimate setting, you get just a little closer glimpse at the Artist than you would at a larger
venue. The concert stage becomes an effective teaching tool for most of the registrants at the conference!

The Katinas rocked the stage!! What powerfully effective vocalist, musicians and worshiper leaders they are!! The Presence of the
Lord came down and inhabited the praises that were rising out of the Longhouse!! For those who came to Estes never experiencing
true worship for their Lord, they had the opportunity step in! This was one of the highlights of the whole week for me!

The wonderful surprise of the night was Kara! If you have the Katina’s new CD LIFESTYLE: A Worship Experience, then you
have heared her! She sings on the seventh song, Breathe. But what made her performance so special wasn’t just her fabulous voice
and heart for Jesus but, the introduction and credit she blessed her dad with that night. I just happened to be sitting right beside him
and as a mother of three daughters, I was so touched by the moment. To see a performer from that point of view brings the ministry
to life and makes it all so real!!
A father, Dave Williamson–Arranger/Worship Leader, Word Music, who has dedicated his life to the
music ministry, was honored by the work of his hands! As he ministered for years to countless individuals, he didn’t forget the
homefront, he gave a young girl a role model and a dream to chase!! What a moment, I can’t say as if I have ever seen a bigger smile
on anyone’s face! He wasn’t the arranger or worship leader right then, but ‘daddy,’ reaping the fruit of many years of love and
example of Christ-like leadership. Raising his daugther to adore the Lord and then to follow in his footsteps because she saw Christ
in Dave, her dad!! This set the week off to a great start, if your ministry reflects more of Christ than it does you, then you’ll be
effective and successful…..the proof was on stage Sunday night, August 4th.
Then realing from the worship experience, most concert goer’s flooded into Cafe Estes to watch a showcase of Professional
Songwriters, who presented some of their songs!! Many of these songs were ones that we have sung along to. Now we had the
opportunity to see those faces behind the pencils and computers. Those individuals who reach into the deep wells of their souls
extracting from their experiences, hurts, longings, joys and adoration for Christ, to pen some of the most familiar and favorite songs
of our times. Some of the writers that took to the stage were, Brian White, Sue Smith, Billy Sprague, Dave Clark, Steve Siler, Chad
Cates, Sam Mizell and more. This was a real treat, especially for the aspiring songwriters in the crowd! I hope that this becomes a
tradition for Sunday night at Estes! And that ended the first night of activties at Estes Park
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