Enjoying New Life




Isn’t spring wonderful? New life! Not only through our risen Lord, but also in His handiwork all around us. If feels so good to shed the extra layers of clothes and run around outside enjoying the combination of warm sun and cool breeze.

I’ve got to tell you about someone else enjoying new life, and that is my grandmother, ‘Nanny.’ Those who have known me for even the shortest amount of time know my Nanny. Of all people in the world she would be considered ‘full of life.’ However, she has been at death’s door these last six months.
That is until the last few weeks when she has experienced what is nothing short of a miraculous turnaround. New life! I couldn’t wait to share with you a story my mother told me this morning. My Mom was spending the night with my Nanny, but when she woke up this morning my grandmother wasn’t there. She looked all through the house and began to get a bit worried, especially when she saw that the car was not in the driveway.
My mother walked outside to hear, ‘Yoohoo, Virginia, hurry come here quick.’ My grandmother had quietly tiptoed out of the house before dawn, had driven herself down to the foot of her driveway and had made her way down the dock with her walker — she was fishing. And she had caught one! She had already managed to scoop this ten-pound beauty into a net when she called to my mom to hurry and help her get it up on the dock.
My mom, who is not a big fisherman, didn’t want to touch it so she pulled the fish up onto the dock by dragging it by the pole, where it was still attached to the hook. My Nanny told her to grab the knife and cut the hook out but my mother couldn’t bring herself to do it. Nanny laughed at her and had to do it herself, at which point my mom cried, ‘The poor thing is suffering, let me get a gun and shoot it and put it out of its misery.’ Nanny teasingly scolded her youngest daughter, ‘It’s not a horse and you don’t shoot a fish.’ My mom balked, ‘But it’s alive.’ To which my Nanny responded with the senior-citizen equivalent of ‘Duh!’
She grabbed a sack and instructed my mother to put the fish in it. Not wanting to touch the flopping thing, my mother laid the sack down and said, ‘Here, fishy-fishy. Hop on into the little sack, there might be some worms in there.’ By this time my Nanny was doubling over in hysteria; she grabbed the fish, threw it in the sack, flung it over her walker and headed for the house to clean and fry it!
Life is rich when recovering from poor health. Winter feels further behind us when the clocks ‘spring’ forward. You can’t catch a dead fish. And, if we want to, we can celebrate Easter tomorrow because Jesus lives today. Back to Devotionals Page


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