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Eight-time Grammy-winning contemporary gospel singer Andrae’ Crouch will be honored with the 2,256th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star will be unveiled on Friday, June 4, at 10:30 a.m. at 6520 Hollywood Boulevard.
Johnny Grant, honorary mayor of Hollywood and chairman of the Walk of Fame Committee, will preside over the event and Leron Gubler, president/CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, will speak on behalf of the organization.
A native of Los Angeles, Andrae’ Crouch began his musical career in his father’s church playing the piano and writing music at the age of nine with no formal musical training. He is without question one of the most vital and influential artists in contemporary music today. His artistry has touched, and changed, millions of lives around the world. An international music star of legendary stature, he transcends color, class and creed with a vibrant message of hope, faith and joyous celebration.
There has always been a great deal of anticipation and unpredictability surrounding the gospel legend and now Pastor of the New Christ Memorial Church of God in Christ located in Pacoima, just outside of Los Angeles, California. For more than two decades he has forged a multi-faceted career as world-class recording artist, songwriter, arranger and producer. He has worked with a cavalcade of superstars, including Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Diana Ross, Elton John, Rick Ashley, and Vanessa Williams. In addition he has launched the careers of dozens of artists, including Tremaine Hawkins and The Winans.
Through the years Crouch’s energies were devoted to live performing, often accompanied by his renowned singers and band members. He has performed in 68 countries and consistently sells out concert halls throughout Europe, America and the Far East. His music has been translated into 21 languages, and from Finland to Barbados, Andrae’ Crouch has proven himself a world-class concert attraction.
Crouch’s reputation as a live performer is matched by his standing as a producer, writer and arranger. In recent years he has served as vocal arranger for Michael Jackson’s Grammy nominated smash, “Man In The Mirror” which featured the distinctive vocal accompaniment of the Andrae’ Crouch Singers. In the year 2001 the sound of The Crouch Singers was again heard on Michael Jackson’s much anticipated comeback album, Invincible.
Andrae’ Crouch and his singers also worked on tracks for Quincy Jones’ ground breaking 1990 album, Back On The Block. Later Crouch and Jones, teamed up again on Steven Spielberg’s film, The Color Purple, and Crouch served as gospel historian for the movie, as well as arranger of all the soundtrack’s choir segments. In addition, he co-wrote the rousing “Maybe God Is Trying To Tell You Something.”
More of his notable writing, producing and arranging credits include the score to the animated feature film Once Upon A Forest and the animated Disney film The Lion King; Michael Jackson performed “Will You Be There” from the hit film Free Willy; the title theme from the television comedy Amen; the Quincy Jones- produced Handel’s Messiah: A Soulful Celebration as well as “The Power,” a song on the duet album from Elton John featuring Little Richard.
Andrae’ Crouch was at the pinnacle of an extraordinary career when he was faced with a choice that would change, once and for all, the direction of his life. The death of his mother, followed in quick succession by the passing of his father and brother, placed the future of the Christ Memorial Church, built by the Crouch family over forty years ago, on the shoulders of the younger son, Andrae’. The decision to answer the call to ministry was made all the more difficult in the light of the extraordinary professional accomplishments Andrae’ Crouch had made in recent years. His 1994 Qwest Records release, Mercy, had landed the artist his seventh Grammy award, this time for Best Pop Contemporary Gospel Album, attesting to his proven ability to reach audiences on both of the pop/gospel divide. Andrae’ Crouch’s universal appeal was also the impetus for the Grammy-winning Tribute: The Songs of Andrae’ Crouch the 1996 album saluting his enduring musical contributions. The collection of songs was performed by artists ranging from The Brooklyn Tabernacle to Take 6, and Michael W. Smith to The Winans. Tribute was named Best Contemporary Gospel Album at the 1997 Grammy Awards.
It was in 1996 that Andrae’ found himself able to commit the time and energy to return to the recording studio and begin work on the album that would become, Pray.
His latest recording is “The Gift of Christmas,” a panorama of songs ranging from new rendition of the American Christmas Song Treasure to beautiful originals like “Bethlehem” and “Take Me To Jesus.”
Some of Crouch’s most notable songs include: Just Like He Said He Would, You Can Depend On Me, Perfect Peace, This is Another Day, My Tribute and many others.
Now, while actively fulfilling the role of pastor, including everything from preaching Sunday mass to counseling, and community outreach, Crouch is nearing completion on his first inspirational/choir CD of his career. The album entitled, “Mighty Wind,” will include special guest appearances by Marvin Winans and Fred Hammond among others and is expected to be released some time in the fall or winter of this year.
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