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Enchanted is enchanting! Groan all you want at the obvious turn of phrase, but this is a movie I could easily recommend to both romantics and kids at heart, and you won’t be embarrassed to take your kids or grandmother.
It starts out like a cartoon, so if you go, stay past the cartoon! This is the story of a fairy-tale girl who starts out as a cartoon character and ends up in the real world – in New York City.
The movie combines humor with fantasy and romance and is as clever as it is sweet. Realistic? Not very! But I think it speaks to that part inside most of us that believes in the possibility of happy endings.
Much of the movie is predictable, but done in a fresh way. The only two scenes I found very irritating were the prerequisite bodily function scene and the second ending. The movie reaches the anticipated happy ending and then another action scene is tacked on which is just too much in my opinion. However, my movie companion liked this particular scene so I may be in the minority.
Susan Sarandon is a scary wicked stepmother and witch, so very young children may find one or two scenes a little frightening, but if they can sit through Sleeping Beauty, they can sit through Enchanted. All in all Enchanted is a return to older Disney themes and is a movie the whole family will find entertaining and uplifting.

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